Returns Policy

We understand that a number of factors can influence your decision to participate in Techscheme (all positive we hope). We also appreciate that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel your order. As such, you do have a limited period of time in which to cancel, even after you have received the Equipment.

However, unfortunately we are unable to part-cancel an order. The Funding Plan you sign with your employer is for the entire order value, therefore cancelling this agreement affects every item.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your request to participate in your Employer’s Techscheme, you must inform Techscheme in writing.

In accordance with the agreement between you and your Employer (the Funding Plan), your cancellation rights are as follows:

Redemption Code Orders:
You have a right to withdraw from the benefit and cancel the Funding Plan at any time prior to, and within 14 calendar days of, receipt of an email containing the Redemption Code, beginning the day after receipt of the Redemption Code.  If you redeem any of Your Redemption Codes (online or in-store) at any time during the Cooling Off Period you will no longer be able to cancel the agreement.

Apple Online Orders:
You have a right to cancel the Funding Plan at any time prior to, and within 14 calendar days of, delivery of the Equipment to your nominated address, beginning the day after the equipment is delivered to your nominated address.


To exercise the right to cancel, you need to contact Techscheme immediately in writing, either via email or post at the following address:


(B) Techscheme, PO Box 3809, BATH, BA1 1WX

Alternatively, you can send or take written notice of your wish to cancel the agreement to your employer at the postal address shown at the top of your Funding Plan under ‘Parties to agreement’.

Please include the following information in your cancellation notice to us:

  • Your full name; 

  • Your Employer; 

  • Your Funding Plan No. (this can be found at the top left of page 1 of your Funding Plan);

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.


Once you’ve told us you wish to cancel, the remaining actions depend upon whether or not you have received the Equipment. Here’s a summary of the different procedures:


  • Techscheme will confirm receipt of your request to cancel by email;

  • We shall also inform the company responsible for dispatch of the Equipment that the order is no longer valid;

  • We’ll let your Employer know that you have cancelled to ensure payments are not taken from your salary. If payments have been taken, your employer will include the value of the payments taken at a future date your salary is due to be paid.


  • Techscheme will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your request to cancel and confirm that you have the right to cancel;

  • We’ll also send you details of where you need to send the Equipment and by what date you need to return the Equipment to us. Please note that you will have to bear the cost of sending the Equipment back to us;

  • Upon receipt of the Equipment from you, an inspection of the Equipment will be carried out. There is no charge for the inspection, but you will be liable to replace any missing components, including packaging, manuals and software. If any part of the Equipment is worn or damaged you may be liable for the full cost of the Equipment. Hence, it is really important that you keep the Equipment safe and boxed in the packaging you received it in.

  • As long as the Equipment is in "As New" condition, we will contact you to confirm cancellation and inform your Employer to ensure payments are not taken from your salary. If payments have been taken, your employer will include the value of the payments taken at a future date your salary is due to be paid.


Here's a 'Do & Don't' guide to keeping the Equipment in "As New" condition:

Do Don't

Keep the packaging intact and free from damage.  You can break the seals of the Hardware in order to inspect the equipment but you must do this without causing damage to the box.

Cause any damage to the packaging.

Inspect the equipment without switching it on, e.g., for size, colour, finish etc.

Load software or input data onto the Hardware.

Ensure all instructions / manuals / documentation are kept and returned.

Switch on / boot up the Hardware.

Ensure all accessories and peripherals are enclosed and returned, e.g., Charger, Mouse, Keyboard etc.

Break any seals of software packages; you will not be able to return these items if you do.

Use all original boxes and packaging ensure the products are protected from damage before posting/handing over to the Courier.  If you fail to adequately box and protect the equipment you may be liable for any damage incurred during return.

Break any seals on Headphone products; due to hygiene reasons you will not be able to return Headphones if the packaging has been opened



OK, this means we have not been able to cancel your order before it has been sent to the distributor for processing and fulfilment, but there is no need to worry. In this instance, you must refuse delivery of the package. The courier will then return the Equipment to the Supplier.

Note: This will typically occur if you send your request to cancel once your order status (visible on your My Techscheme account) is either "Processing" or "Dispatched".


Please note that you will have to bear the direct cost of returning the Equipment if you choose to cancel your agreement after receiving the Equipment, or if you subsequently accept delivery of Equipment after you have informed us of your wish to cancel.

If you have any questions regarding cancellation, or would like to know more about your right to cancel please contact us via email on