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How it works

Techscheme gives you access to the latest IT equipment including highly desirable Apple products via a simple and convenient salary reduction.

Employer registration

If you are an employer you can complete the simple online registration process. If you use Cyclescheme or Childcarescheme you can use your existing login.
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The ultimate employee benefit

Techscheme is a jaw-droppingly simple, technology salary sacrifice solution.

It is one of the most universally desired, engaging, and cost efficient, employee benefits available to employers today.

Signing up to the scheme is free. It is cost-neutral to run, and it's available to employers of every shape and size - from SME to enterprise.

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Discounted technology for all

Accessing the latest technology is important to everyone, but it is not cheap.

Techscheme enables colleagues to save money on the latest tech whilst spreading the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months.

Participants enjoy savings of up to 12%. There's no credit check, we never charge more than RRP and we don't inflate the prices of our bundles.

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Enormous range of products

Our powerful supplier relationships mean Techscheme's range is astounding.

Colleagues can save on a vast range of electronics, computers, tablets, smart health and home automation products.

Popular items include: MacBooks, iPads, all-in-one PCs, fitness trackers, smart scales, automated lighting and remote controlled switches.

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Easy to use platform

Techscheme is quick to signup to, easy to implement and makes a difference - fast.

You manage orders via MySchemes - just like Cyclescheme and Phonescheme - meaning administration and marketing is simple.

Whether you're a director, an HR manager or a payroll administrator - we guarantee you will find MySchemes intuitive and straightforward.