You don’t have to save for months to get your hands on the latest tablets. Sign up to our salary sacrifice scheme and you can get a new tablet at a reduced cost with no interest and no credit checks.

Buy A Tablet On Monthly Payments

Tablets are handheld devices and can complement your smartphone and laptop. They open up new possibilities of what you can do with your tech both for work and play. And some of the most recent models are seriously impressive, from their design to their processing power. However, tablets can be costly and it can take you months to save up for the latest model.

Not with Techsheme’s salary sacrifice scheme, you can split the cost of your new tablet into monthly payments.

No Credit Check Needed

At Techscheme, we don’t hold your credit score against you because we know they don’t reflect real life and who you are. If you are aged 18 or over and employed, you could be eligible for a new tablet with Techscheme.

Your employer must also be signed up to our scheme, or at least be willing to sign up. All it takes is a few clicks and a new tablet is yours.

You have 100% ownership of it from the moment you purchase.

No Hidden Costs

When you have bills to pay it’s easy for the latest tech to pass by you. You want it, but you can’t buy it – and that’s where Techscheme can help. But we’re not just another standard financing option. We won’t charge interest on your purchase, nor will we throw in any additional fees. And as we’re a salary sacrifice scheme, we actually cut the cost of your new tablet through National Insurance savings. With payments deducted automatically from your salary, you won’t have to worry about missing a payment.

So, this isn’t just another finance option, it’s the smart option. There’s no fuss, no loopholes, no nasty surprises.

What Can I Get?

Acer Tablet

Acer Tablets

Our salary sacrifice scheme saves you money on Acer tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Tablets

Save up to 12% on Samsung tablets - browse the range.
Lenovo Tablet

Lenovo Tablets

Spread monthly payments over 12 months on a range of Lenovo tablets.

Huawei Tablet

Huawei Tablets

Browse the range of Huawei tablets and save up to 12% with us.

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How Much Can I Save?

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