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Why offer Home & Tech?

Quick and free benefit scheme

Home & Tech can help your workforce save money and spread the cost on the hardware they need. There’s no cost to the employer and it’s quick to implement.

Spoilt for choice The biggest range in a UK home and tech benefit with thousands of products and brands.

Tech to support Every aspect of an employee’s life - home, work or play.

Life ready Employees can replace the products they can’t live without, like white goods, when the unexpected happens.

Compliance Superhero Techscheme continually invests in compliance.

One fully compliant plan A 12-month scheme with no more than 12 repayments. Schemes over this period are regulated activity and require Financial Conduct Authority authorisation.

Free service - cost neutral to run.

Quick and easy to set up and roll out.

Guidance on salary sacrifice and Benefit in Kind reporting.

Easy to manage free marketing suite and support.

Set up to suit your business scheme limit, finance and NET scheme options available.

Financial Wellbeing The responsible way for employees to get the tech they need.

Employees never miss a repayment Repayments taken straight from salary.

Better than buying on finance No credit check or interest fees.

How does it work?

3 simple steps

Home & Tech is a free of charge employee benefit provided from the company behind Cyclescheme

The benefit enables employees to pay for the latest and best value tech straight from their salary. This is not only convenient but also enables employees to make savings on National Insurance.

Register with Home & Tech

This only takes about 5 mins and once registered you will be able to access your Extras administration account. We’ll send a free implementation guide and marketing materials to make launching the scheme easy.

Approve and pay

Your employee decides on a budget and their preferred retailer and then applies on the Home & Tech website. You review the application and if eligibility is agreed, you pay for the equipment. Home & Tech then dispatches a redemption code to your employee.

Recover the cost

The employee receives their redemption code and redeems it with Currys. The employee repays you directly from their salary, generating savings for the employee of up to 8% in National Insurance.


Employees can shop...

Home & Tech is powered by Currys logo


You get access to an exciting home and tech benefit and much more...

Home & Tech is a complete benefit solution, we will support you with every aspect of your schemes implementation. We will ensure your launch goes smoothly.

  • Access to Extras - your intuitive admin portal
  • Free marketing portal with customised posters
  • Free implementation guide
  • Free events support
  • Friendly business development team
  • Save-on-sale - employees save twice
  • Easy to access finance option available

From here you can view and manage orders and invoices

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Home & Tech is part of BlackHawk Network's

This means that once signed up to Home & Tech, you can easily offer your workforce other zero-cost benefits like Cyclescheme and Extras Discounts.

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Saving employees and employers money and getting staff cycling to work.

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Employees earn up to 15% cashback on their everyday shopping.

Extras Discounts Logo

Extras Discounts

Saving employees money on everyday and big ticket shopping.

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Helping employers to support parents to save money on childcare costs.

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Saving employees and employers money and getting staff cycling to work.

bYond logo

Employees earn up to 15% cashback on their everyday shopping.

Extras Discounts logo

Saving employees money on everyday and big ticket shopping.

Care4 logo

Helping employers to support parents to save money on childcare costs.

Tailor your scheme

Tailor the scheme to suit your organisation

Our intuitive portal allows you to set your scheme limit and your preferred funding method and frequency.

You can also run Home & Tech as a NET program. This is where the salary sacrifice is applied to an employee’s pay after National Insurance and Income Tax deductions.

In this case employees don’t benefit from National Insurance savings up to 8%. However, it still ensures employees can benefit from spreading the cost of new tech with no upfront cost or credit checks.

You can set the maximum spend for your employees

Image of various products Image of various product


We're here to help

If you require more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact by selecting one of the options below...

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Signing up is simple and free

To sign up, you will need:

  • To be an employer
  • To pay your staff via PAYE
  • To have approx. 5 mins to spare

You need to be a decision maker and have the right to enter into a legal agreement on behalf of the business or organisation you work for.

Colleagues must be paid via the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system; unfortunately you can’t register if you self-assess your tax returns.

Signing up to Home & Tech is quick and easy – it’s handy (but not essential) to have your VAT number to hand.


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