Fitness Watches

Improve your health with the latest fitness watches and performance trackers, available on a pay monthly basis through our salary sacrifice scheme. No credit checks, upfront costs or interest charges, and 100% owned by you from the moment of purchase.

Fitness Watches & Performance Trackers

Whether you enjoy a series of sports and want to monitor your progress, or you simply want to improve your health, you’ll find benefits in owning a fitness watch. Fitness trackers are part of the wearable technology family and can perform a series of commands from counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate, identifying sleep patterns, showing you how many calories you have burned off from the exercise you have done, plus lots more.

When looking to buy a fitness watch, there are several brands you will need to consider, as well as what data they provide, whether they are waterproof and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the apps whereby you analyse the data.

Whether you’re looking at Garmin, Fitbit, Tom Tom, Goji or others, you’ll find a vast selection available to purchase through our scheme.

Pay Monthly With Salary Sacrifice

Our salary sacrifice scheme makes the latest technology, such as fitness watches, available on a reduced cost and no interest pay monthly basis. If your employer is part of the scheme, you can choose to pay for technology through your pre-tax salary, and this choice can reduce the amount of national insurance contributions you pay, in turn saving you money.

When you find a fitness watch you like, use our salary sacrifice calculator to work out how much your repayments would be per month. 

Salary sacrifice is a hassle-free way to finally get your hands on the latest tech. If your employer is not currently part of the scheme, we can invite them on your behalf.

No Credit Checks Or Interest Charges

Salary sacrifice also has the benefit of no credit checks or interest charges, as well as no upfront costs. You won’t need to pay anything as part deposit for the item, and you won’t have to go through any financial checks.

As long as you are 18 and over and employed, that’s good enough for us. Likewise, the monthly payments you agree to pay will stay the same through the course of your plan.

There are no interest charges or hidden costs, and you won’t have to experience any increases throughout your plan.

What Can I Get?

Fitbit Fitness Tracker


Save up to 12% on Fitbits with us.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch pay monthly plans available.
GOJI GO Fitness Tracker


Save money on GOJI fitness trackers with Techscheme.

Samsung Galaxy Watch


Spread payments over 12 months on Samsung smart watches.

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a new fitness watch through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, and your annual salary.

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