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How does it work?

How does Techscheme work?

Techscheme allows you to choose from a huge range of technology via our partners, Apple, and Currys PC World. 

You then spread the cost with payments from your salary across 12, 24 or 36 months and make a National Insurance saving of up to 12%.

Once your employer has shared their unique web link with you. Placing an order is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Apply – Employee visits  and selects whether you want to shop with Apple Direct (with products shipped direct to your desired delivery address) or Currys (you receive a Redemption Code to use online or in-store).
2. Choose – You the total amount they want to spend in Currys PC World, or select the Apple products you want from our online store.
3. Shop – If Currys was selected, Techscheme sends you a code and a link to validate your email address and receive the redemption code to use online or in-store at Currys PC World; alternatively Techscheme sends the order details to Apple who will dispatch the order direct to you.

How do I place an order?

When your employer signs up with Techscheme they are provided with a unique web link, you will need to enter this link into the address bar of your web browser. 

Once the link has been entered you will see that the website is now personalised for your employer (the employer name will be displayed in the top right hand side of your screen).

Simply click “Apply now” to place your order.

For more information on scheme availability please contact the Techscheme team. 

What can I get?

The latest and greatest tech! Techscheme is powered by Apple and Currys PC World; meaning you can choose from thousands of incredible tech products.

Items obtained through the scheme must be technology products and we would expect a common sense approach to be taken regarding the products you purchase.  

You have the flexibility of choosing to shop direct with Apple and receive items direct to your designated delivery address, or the choice of using a redemption code in-store or online and shopping with the wide choice that Currys PC World provides.

What are the savings and how do I save money?

Your employer recovers the total value of the product(s) ordered (including any administration and delivery fees) over a 12, 24 or 36 month period. Your salary is reduced by the total value (you have selected) during this period, which reduces the amount of National Insurance Contributions (NIC) that you need to pay during this period, therefore generating an NIC saving.

Below is an example of the savings available over a 12 month period:

The latest 64GB iPad Pro (10.5") costs £619
Here is a breakdown of your potential savings over a 12 month period
 National Insurance Rate (NIC) 12% 2%
 Get the latest 64GB iPad Pro from £45.39 per month £50.55 per month
 Your NIC saving = £74.28 £12.38
 Total purchase price = £544.72 £606.62
Are there any additional costs for me to join the scheme?

Techscheme provides you with access to the latest technology with the benefit of making savings on your National Insurance Contributions (NIC’s), convenient payments direct from your salary over a period of up to 36 months, and with no credit checks involved.

There are no additional costs, and you can also take advantage of any other promotions or discounts at your chosen retailer – saving you even more.

What is the Funding Plan?

The Funding Plan is the agreement between you and your employer for the provision of technology equipment through Techscheme.

It includes various items of key information including the terms and conditions and the payments to be made by you in return for ownership of the selected equipment.

You and your employer will electronically sign the Funding Plan as part of the request process. 

Will I have to pay anything to tAke ownership at the end of the Funding Plan?

No. Once you have made all of the salary sacrifice payments and the Funding Plan has ceased you retain ownership of the equipment at no extra cost. 

What is Salary Sacrifice and how is it applied? 

Salary sacrifice occurs when you agree to give up part of your salary for an agreed period of time in exchange for a non-cash benefit, such as the supply of technology. As salary sacrifice is taken from gross salary (before tax) rather than net pay, you will not initially pay any tax or National Insurance on the salary sacrifice amount.

However, the provision of the equipment is a taxable Benefit In Kind (BIK) that needs to be reported to HMRC on a P11D benefits form at the end of the tax year. 

A P11D form is used by employers to report any employee expenses, Payments and Benefits to HMRC, e.g. technology equipment, company car and private health insurance. Therefore, HMRC will recover the tax due, in arrears, via a change in your tax code the following tax year (April 6th – April 5th), you will still benefit from an NIC saving; up to 12% for basic rate taxpayers and 2% for higher rate taxpayers.  

Example Savings
Techscheme Package Price £619.00
12% National insurance Contirbution (NIC) Saving £74.28
20% Income Tax Saving £123.80
Employee P11d Charge £123.80
Total Purchase Price £544.72
Who owns the equipment?

The equipment is automatically gifted to you the day after you receive it. You own the equipment from this point onwards and retain ownership of the equipment once the funding plan has ceased. 

My Techscheme request

How long will my Apple order take to arrive?

Once Techscheme has received payment from your employer, we will send your order details to Apple.  Typically orders from Apple are shipped within 7 working days.

How long will my Currys PC World redemption code take to arrive?

Once Techscheme has received payment from your employer, you will receive an email with a validation code and link. Simply follow the link and validate your email address. Your Redemption code will then be emailed to you within an hour.

where can i use my Currys PC World redemption code?

They can be used in Currys PC World stores in the UK or online at and against tech products and services excluding White Goods. They cannot be used in Dixons Travel stores.
The balance of this eGift Card can be checked at, in any of the aforementioned stores or by calling 0800 897 163.

what happens if currys pc world do not have the item i want?

The Currys PC World gives you complete flexibility in this situation.  You can order the items you want from Currys PC World, and they will either ship them to you or notify you when they are available in-store. Alternatively you can simply browse their huge range of products and select an alternative product.

Are products covered by a warranty?

With any equipment received through the scheme you are covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty offered by the particular brand that you have purchased. Most brands offer a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on their products.

In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues with your equipment please contact the store you obtained the equipment from in the first instance and they will advise you what to do next.

Can I cancel my Techscheme order?

For details on a participant’s rights to cancel, and the Techscheme returns policy, please read our ‘Returns policy’ on our website.

Can I order more than one item through Techscheme?

Yes you can, as long as the order does not exceed the maximum order value as set by your employer, or the salary sacrifice does not take you below National Minimum Wage (NMW) or National Living Wage (NLW).

Does Techscheme affect my other benefits?

Please talk to your employer and the provider of your benefits (like pension, sick leave, holiday allowance, maternity/paternity, dental care plan etc.) to understand how Techscheme fits in with your other benefits. 

What happens if I go on maternity, paternity, or agreed unpaid leave?

If you take unpaid leave for any reason during the term of your Funding Plan, then payments can be suspended for the duration of such unpaid leave. On your return to work, your employer will recommence the payments to cover the period of unpaid leave and extend the Funding Plan accordingly.

Participation in Techscheme may affect maternity/paternity benefits. You are advised to contact your HR department for further information. 

What happens if I leave employment during the funding Plan?

If you leave your employment, before the funding plan has ceased, your employer will settle any outstanding balance from your final net salary payment.

If the outstanding balance is greater than your final net salary payment, you will be required to settle the balance separately.

Online orders - accepting delivery

At the time the equipment is delivered/collected you will be required to confirm receipt by signing the courier's delivery note.

If the packaging is damaged upon delivery you must record this on the courier’s delivery note when signing for the package; failure to report damage to the package may invalidate any subsequent claim you may make to repair or replace items damaged in transit with the retailer. At the time the equipment is delivered/collected you will be required to confirm receipt by signing the courier's delivery note.

If the packaging is damaged upon delivery you must record this on the courier’s delivery note when signing for the package; failure to report damage to the package may invalidate any subsequent claim you may make to repair or replace items damaged in transit with the retailer.

Checking your order?

We recommend that you inspect and test the equipment as soon as you
collect/receive it, and notify the retailer within 30 calendar days of collection/delivery of any defects or other problems with the equipment. You should contact the retailer in accordance with their returns policy.

What happens if one of my products is damaged/faulty?

If the packaging was damaged upon delivery you must record this on the courier's delivery note when signing for the package; failure to report damage to the Package may invalidate any subsequent claim you may make to repair or replace items damaged in transit.

To support any claims we strongly reccomend you take photographic evidence of any damage to the packaging (marks, scratches, rips or tears).

Apple Orders
If an item is not fully operational on first use you need to contact AppleCare for troubleshooting or get the fault confirmed, and they will provide a Case ID. 
You should then contact Techscheme with the details (including your Case ID) and we will arrange collection of the faulty item and a new item to be shipped.

Faulty items need to be reported within 30 days, and should be directed to AppleCare - Applecare Number: 0800 107 6285.

After 30 days you can contact AppleCare as you will have a one year warranty with your product. Details of this can be found here

Currys PC World equipment
If you get an item from Currys PC World (either in-store or online) that does not work upon first use please call the Currys PC World contact centre as soon as the damage is discovered on 0344 561 1234. They will arrange an exchange or refund as soon as possible.

It is important that original packaging is retained and used if an item needs to be returned (it is vital that the item is securely packaged when returned). For further information please see our Returns Policy.

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