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Get the latest TVs and home entertainment systems on a pay monthly basis with Techscheme’s salary sacrifice scheme. Pay through your employer with no upfront costs, interest-free payments, and you get your gadgets at a reduced cost thanks to National Insurance savings.

Brand New TVs On A Pay Monthly Basis

After a long day, we all like to chill out in front of the TV. Home entertainment has gotten pretty hi-tech recently thanks to new models from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic that are equipped with super high-definition 4K screens. Don’t miss out on all the viewing fun – with our salary sacrifice scheme, you can own the latest technology that will revolutionise your life.

The latest home entertainment systems often come at a hefty price. When you have a family to look after and bills to pay, it’s not always easy to invest in something that will improve your me-time. But everyone needs their me-time. With new TVs coming out this year like the updated Sony Bravia that’s 4K Ultra HD-ready, and Samsung’s new line of QLED Smart TVs, we don’t want you to miss out because you don’t already have that kind of money lying around.

With our salary sacrifice scheme, you can split the cost of a brand new TV or home cinema system into interest-free monthly payments.

No Credit Check Needed

Worried about your credit score? No need, we don’t look at credit ratings and scores. There are so many benefits to having the latest tech and being denied that because of a credit score isn’t what Techscheme is about.

To sign up to Techscheme you only need to be two things; over 18 and employed. If you are both of these things, you could be eligible to join our scheme today.

Your employer must also be signed up to Techscheme or at least be willing to sign up. Once that’s all done, your new home entertainment system could be yours in a few clicks.

Better Than Buying On Finance

If you’re wondering how Techscheme is any different to paying for something on finance, there’s a number of reasons why we’re a more secure and beneficial way to pay. The first and foremost reason is that you could actually save money on the latest tech. Thanks to National Insurance savings, the total cost of your TV or home cinema system works out up to 12% cheaper than RRP.

Techscheme is a trustworthy, reliable way to pay as you don’t have to worry about missing payments because they are taken directly from your salary. And you get to choose the length of your payment plan to ensure this is completely affordable.

Your new TV is 100% owned by you at the point of purchase and you won’t be charged any interest or come across any hidden fees in the process.

If that’s not a better way to pay than finance, then what is?

What Can I Get?

Hisense TV

Hisense TVs

Hisense TV pay monthly deals available with Techscheme.

Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia TVs

Save money on Sony Bravia with our pay monthly TV deals.
Panasonic TV

Panasonic TVs

Get the latest Panasonic TV with our salary sacrifice scheme.

Toshiba TV

Toshiba TVs

Browse the range of Toshiba TVs and save up to 12%.

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