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Cancellation Rights

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Cancellation Rights


We understand that a number of factors can influence your decision to participate in Techscheme (all positive we hope). We also appreciate that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel your order. As such, you do have a limited period of time in which to cancel.

However, unfortunately we are unable to part-cancel an order. The Funding Plan you sign with your employer is for the entire order value, therefore cancelling this agreement affects every item.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your request to participate in your Employer’s Techscheme, you must inform Techscheme in writing.

In accordance with the agreement between you and your Employer (the Funding Plan), your cancellation rights are as follows:


You have a right to withdraw from the benefit and cancel the Funding Plan at any time prior to, and within 14 calendar days of, receipt of an email containing the Redemption Code, such 14 days to begin on the day after receipt of the said Redemption Code (“Cooling Off Period”). If You redeem any of Your Redemption Codes with one of the Authorised Retailers (online or in-store) at any time during the Cooling Off Period You will no longer be able to cancel this Funding Plan.


If You wish to cancel the Funding Plan in accordance with “Your Rights” described above You need to send written confirmation of Your request to cancel to Techscheme via email at, or by post to Techscheme, PO Box 3809, BATH, BA1 1WX.


On receiving the cancellation notice from You, Techscheme will contact You to confirm receipt of Your request. Techscheme will confirm that Your request to cancel is valid.

Techscheme will invalidate the Redemption Code(s) before confirming cancellation to You and Your Employer. Once You have submitted Your cancellation notice You must not attempt to redeem Your Redemption Code(s).

Please visit to view the applicable cancellation policy.

If a salary Reduction has been applied under the Funding Plan by the date Techscheme confirms cancellation of the Redemption Code and Funding Plan, the Employer will include the value of the salary Reduction made in Your gross salary at a future date Your salary is due to be paid.

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