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Upgrade your home computer with Techscheme’s salary sacrifice scheme. There’s no upfront costs, credit checks or interest charges: simply choose the length of your plan and pay monthly through your employer.

Computer Schemes: Pay Monthly For The Latest Desktops

Having a good desktop computer at home makes sense. After all, computers make a world of learning and entertainment possible. You can surf the internet, educate yourself and improve your IT skills. You could learn another language, catch up with your favourite TV programmes, or connect with friends over social media. Or if you want to unwind, computer games are a great way to entertain yourself after a long day at work. Get access to the best desktop computers and PC accessories with Techscheme.

The benefits of having a desktop at home knows no bounds. But it’s not as easy as nipping to the shops to get one. The latest models can cost upwards of a thousand pounds, but you shouldn’t be priced out of getting your hands on the latest technology that will benefit you and your family. With our salary sacrifice scheme, you can split the cost of a new desktop into interest-free monthly payments.

No Credit Check Needed

Things can happen that are out of your control and all of a sudden, your credit score has taken a hit. Numbers on a screen don’t equate to your ability to pay.

That’s why at Techscheme, we don’t require any credit checks from you. If you’re 18 or over and employed, you could be eligible.

Your employer must be signed up to the scheme or be willing to, and then you’re good to go.

Save Money With Salary Sacrifice

Techscheme is the affordable option for getting your hands on the latest technology. Our salary sacrifice scheme means the cost of your new desktop will be considerably cheaper thanks to National Insurance savings.

You pay directly through your employer from your pre-tax salary, meaning you pay less in National Insurance contributions. There’s no upfront fees or interest charges either, you simply pay the amount of your new computer on a monthly basis for the period of time that you opt for.

And you own the product from the moment you press checkout.

What Can I Get?

MSI Gaming PC

MSI Gaming PCs

Pay monthly for your chosen MSI Gaming PC.

Acer Gaming PC

Acer Gaming PCs

Browse the range of Acer Gaming PCs today.
Apple Mac

Apple Mac

A Mac could soon be yours, with monthly payments.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Save money on Microsoft Surface desktops with Techscheme.

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a new desktop through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, and your annual salary.

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