Sony Bravia TVs

Save money on a brand-new Sony Bravia TV with our smart financing plans at Techscheme. With no fees and no credit checks, it’s the best way to get your hands on the tech you want!

Pay Monthly for a Sony Bravia TV

With the sheer amount of forward-thinking, powerful and stunning technology available in this day and age, it’s very easy to want it all. But even wanting some of it can warrant an expensive bill. Years of innovation and cutting-edge design doesn’t come cheap. Whilst the latest tech is worth what you pay, it’s often too much to part with at once. With Techscheme, you don’t have to scrimp and save for months to treat yourself to the tech you deserve.

We work with employers across the nation to bring cutting-edge technology to their teams with affordable salary sacrifice schemes. If your employer is signed up, you can start benefitting from one today! We’ve created our finance plans so that we don’t have to run any credit checks, charge interest or charge upfront fees. You can just get started and start enjoying what the latest tech can do for your life.

By taking payments from your pre-tax salary, your National Insurance contributions (NICs) are reduced in turn. This means you can save up to 12% on the cost of the tech you want. So not only can Techscheme help you break down the cost of the gadgets you want, but we’ll actually help you save money on the price!

Why Should You Buy a Sony Bravia TV?

With a wide choice of manufacturers and brands making smart TVs, why go for a Sony Bravia? Sony have a rich and storied heritage in the electronics market. Known for their games consoles, they also produce smartphones, cameras, and more. Their high-spec, quality smart televisions are no exception to the rule.

Their flagship range is the Bravia OLED range. OLED technology is the next evolution of LED TVs. They deliver the great performance and range of colour we’re accustomed to whilst using a lot less energy. Their latest Bravia TVs have a processing power that not many other models can even compete with, delivering 4K Ultra HD capabilities that has won awards.

Their LED TVs have Full Array technology, ensuring a wide breadth of deep colour and special attention has been paid to the acoustics of their Bravia range, with their unmatched picture processor working in harmony with the audio to deliver precision sound, just as it was intended to be received.

No Credit Checks, 0% Interest, No Upfront Fees

With our finance plan, we’ve been able to dodge the usual caveats that come with financed purchases. We don’t run any credit checks. We will never charge interest on your payments. And there are no upfront fees or cash payments to be made to get started. If you’re 18+ and your employer is signed up to Techscheme, you qualify today!

If your employer isn’t signed up, let them know about us. Talk to them at work or use the ‘invite your employer’ form on our website to bring it to their attention. Employers and employees both stand to benefit from having access to the latest tech and gadgets, so make a change in your office and let them know about us!

What Can I Get?

Sony Bravia Ultra HD

Sony Bravia's Ultra HD brings dynamic colour to your home. Save money with Techscheme!

Sony Bravia Smart 4K

Get crystal-clear image in your home with Sony's Bravia Smart 4K TVs.

Sony Bravia HDR OLED 

Break up the cost of a Sony Bravia OLED TV with Techscheme for easy financing!

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