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Save money on the cost of a brand-new state-of-the-art Panasonic TV with Techscheme. There’s no upfront fees, no interest and no credit checks!

Pay Monthly Panasonic TVs

Get yourself a high-spec Panasonic TV on finance with Techscheme. Technology is constantly improving and evolving and the age of the smart TV is in full swing. The picture and audio capabilities of the latest televisions are pushing the boundaries of home entertainment and you shouldn’t miss out on enjoying a fantastic Panasonic LED TV in your home because of a price tag.

The tech we want is worth the price it commands, but it can often be too large a sum to part with in one go. That’s where Techscheme can step in and help you out. With our salary sacrifice scheme, you can make monthly payments on a brand-new Panasonic TV from your pre-tax salary. This will, in turn, reduce your National Insurance contributions (NICs) meaning you can save up to 12% on the cost of a Panasonic smart TV. So not only are you breaking up the cost with Techscheme, you actually reduce it!

Why Choose a Panasonic TV?

Panasonic have a heritage spanning over 100 years. Over the course of a century, they have grown and improved into one of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world. They lead the way in a diverse range of markets from televisions to cameras, cooking appliances to home entertainment. This iconic Japanese firm have been at the forefront of the smart TV revolution, and if you’re looking for a new television in your home, you must consider these heavyweights.

In 2019, Panasonic doubled the number of OLED TVs in their range - with all their latest TVs certified to UHD Premium standard. This means they are one of the few manufacturers that can offer you an accredited premium 4K experience. Since 2017, Panasonic have been working closely with Stefan Sonnenfield, a Hollywood post-production expert, to meet the playback standards that filmmakers and professionals want from home entertainment systems. This partnership has led to Panasonic TVs often being the monitors of choice that Hollywood professionals use to review their films before release. With Techscheme, you can enjoy that level of quality in your home for less.

The Panasonic Viera smart TV platform is where forward-thinking innovation can seriously enhance how you use and enjoy your television. You can stream and enjoy internet-based content, as well as apps, games and even a web browser all from the same Panasonic smart TV set. All the while, the internal HCX intelligent processor teams up with a range of OLED, LED, 4K and HDR picture capabilities and Dolby Atmos sound quality to bring you a truly unbeatable home viewing experience. You don’t have to pay through the nose for this level of quality - save money with Techscheme!

No Fees, No Checks, No Interest

If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you can start benefitting from one of our financing plans today with no upfront fees, no credit checks and absolutely no interest charged on your repayments. By working with your employer, we’ve been able to cut out all the obstacles and fuss that come with other retailers’ financing options. If you are over the age of 18 and your employer is signed up to our services, then you’re all set!

If your employer isn’t signed up, then use the ‘invite your employer’ form on our website to bring it to their attention discreetly. We understand that having access to the latest tech allows employees to improve at their jobs. Whether this is through gaining skills from owning a laptop or enriching their personal time with a state-of-the-art TV. Happy employees are productive employees and there could be lots of people in your place of work that stand to benefit massively from one of our financing plans. Be a hero and spread the word!

What Can I Get?

Panasonic Ultra HD

Panasonic's Ultra HD feature brings dynamic colour to your home. Save money with Techscheme!

Panasonic Smart 4K

Get crystal-clear image in your home with Panasonic's Bravia Smart 4K capabilities - available in most models.

Panasonic HDR OLED 

Break up the cost of a Panasonic OLED TV with Techscheme for easy financing!

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