HP Laptops

An HP laptop could be yours in no time with our salary sacrifice scheme. Your laptop will be 100% owned by you and you can make crucial savings through our scheme. With no credit checks and interest-free repayments, find out more about how it can benefit you.

What You Need To Know About HP Laptops

There’s a range of HP Laptop models that it’s worth getting to know before you choose which one to buy. As different features suit different people,  particularly if you’re buying your HP laptop online, it’s important to do some fact-finding to inform your decision. We’re going to take a look at three of the best HP laptops below:


HP Pavilion

The HP Pavilion is not only gorgeous to look at, but also a highly functional laptop to own. With an impressive battery life, great design and powerful performance, the HP Pavilion is a fantastic choice, whether you need a laptop for work, university or for personal use. Available at a very reasonable price, you could save more when you buy an HP Pavilion through our salary sacrifice scheme.


HP Stream

If you’re after a high-powered and lightweight netbook, the HP Stream 11 clocks has an affordable price and impressive spec. With a bright design, easy-to-use keyboard and 1TB of cloud storage, this is a great piece of kit. All powered by an Intel Celeron processor, it’s a great laptop to have on the go.


HP Envy

The HP Envy has been a consistently popular choice since its release. In the sub-£1,000 laptop category, it emerges as one of the front runners. With a great display, powerful processor and performance that speaks for itself, it’s well worth considering. If you like gaming, or need a laptop to undertake real work, it can handle it all. Use our salary sacrifice scheme to get yours today.

Pay Monthly for HP Laptops

Interested in a buying an HP laptop, but worried that it’s out of your price range? At Techscheme, all the latest and greatest tech is within your grasp via our salary sacrifice scheme. We offer all the best technology, including HP laptops, on a fuss-free pay monthly plan.

The scheme is available through your employer with repayments made from your pre-tax salary. This means you lower your National Insurance contributions; ultimately saving money on your tech.

You also have the power to choose the length of your repayment plan. You can pay for your HP laptop via interest-free repayments over the course of a year. Or, if you would prefer smaller monthly repayments, you could extend the plan to cover two or even three years, if your employer allows it. Our flexible scheme will help you to gain access to technology you previously thought was out of your reach.


No Credit Checks

At Techscheme, we won’t carry out any credit checks or ask you to pay an upfront sum to take advantage of our salary sacrifice scheme. To qualify, you simply need to be aged 18+, employed and your employer has to be signed up to Techscheme. If your employer isn’t signed up, talk to them! Chances are you’re not the only person in your workplace who would benefit from the service we provide.


What Can I Get?

Microsoft Surface Go

HP Pavilion

Get the HP Pavilion and save up to 12%.
Microsoft Surface Book 2

HP Stream

Our salary sacrifice scheme saves you money on the powerful HP Stream.
Microsoft Surface Book

HP Envy

Save money on the HP Envy with our monthly salary sacrifice scheme.

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