Bang & Olufsen Headphones

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What Bang & Olufsen Headphones Can You Get?

Bang & Olufsen’s expert range of audio products marries chic design with powerful audio technology. The result? Headphones that combine high fashion and cutting-edge tech.

Bang & Olufsen H

The majority of B&O headphones come in their Beoplay H range. Depending on what you use your headphones for, there’s an option to suit you. The B&O H3 are the classic Bang & Olufsen earphones. Their patented audio technology is packed into these powerful earphones which are great for wearing while training, running, cycling etc. 

The H4 line is a range of Bang & Olufsen over-ear headphones that are seriously comfortable, feature a microphone and have a single-side detachable cable. Supremely comfortable and perfect for using on the move, these are great for travelling. They are also wireless Bluetooth headphones for extra ease of use.

The H8i and H9i are both wireless Bluetooth headphones that are also noise-cancelling. The difference between the two is that the H8i are on-ear headphones, and the H9i are over-ear headphones. They have a fantastic battery life, are iOS and Android compatible and offer you a really clean and powerful aural experience.

Bang & Olufsen E

Complementing their H range is the Beoplay E range. The Bang & Olufsen E8 headphones are wireless, with Bluetooth connectivity. These are a seriously powerful pair of headphones; they give you a comfortable fit in your ears and are perfect to wear on the move or whilst training. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and still featuring a microphone, these are a seriously high-spec pair of wireless headphones that have B&O’s patented audio technology.

The B&O E4 headphones are noise cancelling in-ear headphones. You don’t have to invest in over-ear headphones to get powerful noise-cancelling capabilities. Perfect for the commute, focusing at the office or getting in the zone at the gym.
Look out for limited edition colours for SS19, as Bang & Olufsen’s exclusive range this year evokes colours of the Scandinavian summer. You’ll find some beautiful colour options so make sure you don’t miss out!

Pay Monthly for Bang & Olufsen Headphones

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What Can I Get?

Bang & Olufsen H9i

The esteemed Bang & Olufsen H9i Headphones could be yours for less with our salary sacrifice scheme.

Bang & Olufsen H8i

Save up to 12% on Bang & Olufsen's H8i Heeadphones with Techscheme.

Bang & Olufsen H4

Save money on the Bang & Olufsen H4 range via monthly salary sacrifice.

Bang & Olufsen E4

Keep it simple for less with Bang & Olufsen's E4 range.

Bang & Olufsen E8

Wireless freedom is up to 12% less with Techscheme. Check out the Bang & Olufsen E8 wireless headphones!

Bang & Olufsen es3i

Break up the cost of some high-spec Bang & Olufsen gym headpones with Techscheme!

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