Acer Gaming PCs

Get your hands on a brand-new Acer Gaming PC with our salary sacrifice scheme. 100% owned by you at the point of purchase and with no credit checks or upfront fees; it’s the best way to buy the latest tech.

Pay Monthly for an Acer Gaming PC

Acer have a solid reputation for creating some of the best laptops and desktop computers you can buy. They’ve been in the market for a long time and have established themselves as a leader in the computing field. The same goes for their gaming PCs. Known for their power and prestige, you can buy a brand-new Acer Gaming PC and save money at the same time.

If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, you can buy an Acer Gaming PC and make repayments from your pre-tax salary. This reduces your National Insurance contributions (NICs), resulting in savings of up to 12% on your PC. And PCs aren’t the only thing you can save on; you can use our salary sacrifice scheme to get access to all the latest tech. If your employer allows it, you can change your repayment plan to last over two or three years instead of one, reducing your monthly payments too.

Why Choose an Acer Gaming PC?

There’s a lot of different brands out there making gaming PCs. So why should you go for an Acer? Their three lines of gaming PCs have made people sit up and pay attention. They are the Predator, Orion and Nitro and they all come highly recommended by gamers.

So, what’s going on under the hood? There’s a few different models available through Techscheme via Currys PC World. You have models with different specs. There’s a wide range in prices whether you want an affordable, entry-level model or souped-up gaming experience.

Shop around on Currys PC World to find the desktop that suits your needs the best. Whether you’re an experienced PC gamer or looking to buy your first gaming PC, Acer’s range deserves your attention.

No Upfront Costs or Credit Checks

At Techscheme, we don’t run credit checks, we don’t charge interest and we don’t ask for any upfront fees. If you’re over the age of 18, employed and your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you can take advantage of our money-saving financing option today.

Your Acer Gaming PC is 100% owned by you at the point of purchase and you can save up to 12% on the price through savings on National Insurance. If your employer isn’t already signed up, we can contact them on your behalf.

What Can I Get?

Acer Nitro

This Acer Nitro could be yours for less with our salary sacrifice scheme.

Acer Orion

Acer's Orion range can be yours for less!

Acer Predator

Save money on Acer's Predator range via monthly salary sacrifice.

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How Much Can I Save?

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