Lumix Mirrorless Cameras

Save money on the cost of a brand-new Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless Camera with Techscheme. You can save up to 12% with our salary sacrifice scheme!

Pay Monthly for Panasonic Lumix Cameras

Photography has been democratised these past few decades with more and more high-quality cameras flooding the market. It’s never been easier to get yourself a professional-standard camera, so you can enjoy photography as a hobby. It’s a great way to get out explore the world around you, allowing you to be creative and expressive in your downtime. However, top-quality cameras come at quite a price and even entry-level models can be pricey.

Don’t let price tags get in the way of your hobby. With Techscheme, you can acquire the best cameras on the market with one of our salary sacrifice finance options. If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you have access to the best finance option around. There’s no upfront costs, no credit checks and no interest on any of your payments. That’s because we’ve teamed up with employers up and down the nation, to make the best tech in the world more affordable for their teams. You make payments from your pre-tax salary and can save up to 12% in the process from reduced National Insurance contributions (NICs). So not only are you breaking up the cost into much more palatable chunks, you actually save the money on the cost of your chosen tech too!

Why Choose a Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless Camera?

The burning question for photography enthusiasts these days is whether you should opt for a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. The short answer to this is: it depends. There are several factors that set these two types of camera apart and it’s up to you decide which one suits your style the most. If you choose to get a mirrorless camera, then you need to check out the Panasonic Lumix range.

The Panasonic range of mirrorless cameras are incredibly mobile, these are a great range of cameras to take with you on the go. There are always views to capture whether you’re on your daily commute or you’ve gone exploring. So having a high-quality Lumix camera on hand is a great way to capture the moment with high-quality images. Mirrorless cameras also tend to be better for capturing video and there are plenty of 4K video shooting capabilities in Panasonic’s Lumix range.

With options to suit any budget, you can save even more on Panasonic’s fantastic range of mirrorless cameras with Techscheme. Look to the Lumix DC-GX80 for an entry level mirrorless camera that looks stylish but also carries powerful engineering in a sleek and compact design. If you’re looking for a truly professional standard mirrorless camera the Lumix DC-G9 is now more affordable than ever with Techscheme!

Interest-Free Payments

If you are over the age of 18 and your employer is signed up to Techscheme; you can start enjoying one of our finance options today. That’s all the requirements you need to get started. Because of this, there are no upfront costs to pay, no credit checks to pass and we’ll never charge interest on any of your monthly payments. You get your hands on the tech you want, allowing you to be better at your job through improved skills or an enriched downtime, bringing a more relax and accomplished mind into work every day.

If your employer isn’t signed up, then let them know about us. There could be loads of people in your place of work that stand to benefit from having access to Techscheme, so be a hero and speak up! You can do this discreetly with one of the ‘invite your employer’ forms on our website.

What Can I Get?

Lumix DC-90

Break up the cost of the Lumix DC-90 - an excellent starter model.

Lumix DMC GX80

The Lumix DMC GX80 is available through Techscheme - save up to 12% on the cost.

Lumix DC G9

Lumix's DC G9 Camera is available for less when you buy with Techscheme.

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