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If you love having adventures, you’re probably well aware of the benefits of a good action cam. Being able to record your deeds with a clear, high definition camera makes it easy to relive and share those classic, unbelievable moments. Here at Techscheme we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best action cams you can get from our partners at Currys PC World. Buying through Techscheme allows you to save up to 12% on the listed price (even in the sales), and we’ll help you to spread the cost over up to 3 years.

GOPRO Fusion 360 Camera
It’s inevitable that you’ll see a few GoPros on this list. The brand practically invented the action camcorder and they’ve not let up on the quality of their offerings since. The Fusion 360 is one of the most impressive devices on the market.

As the name suggests it lets you capture videos and images with a full spherical view, so you can can create truly immersive videos. OverCapture mode lets you punch out a traditional fixed perspective from your spherical footage, simply set it up on a tripod, hit record and edit straight from your smartphone using the GoPro app.
It’s also equipped with image stabilisation, seamless video stitching and shoots in an impressive 5.2K video. Thie GoPro Fusion 360 is the real deal.

GoPro Hero7
The GoPro Hero7 is the next (and last) of the GoPros on this list. This action camcorder is one of the latest to hit the shelves and as you might imagine is pretty impressive in it’s price range. It weighs under 500g and is waterproof up to 10m making it the ideal, light-weight companion for all your outings – whether you’re walking the dog or swimming with dolphins.

It records in 4K Ultra HD with built-in gimbal-like stabilisation for super-smooth footage. It’s even capable of predicting your movements and correcting camera shake before it even happens. Built-in GPS tracks your speed, distance and more so that with this cameras Facebook livestreaming, you can also keep your viewers updated on the milestones you’re breaking.

There’s also a few nifty little features like touch zooming, timed photos and voice controls so you can use it completely hands free. 

Ricoh Theta V 4k
Ricoh are another action cam brand with a solid reputation. The Theta V 4K is a great lower-cost 360 action cam that lets you get a capture the full picture of the world around you. Using 360 spatial audio with 4-channel microphone to help you create fully immersive video.

It records in 4K Ultra HD 3840x1920p at 30 fps for some brilliantly detailed footage and it uses your iOS or Android device as a screen to see what’s being recorded. It also lets you live stream to social media so that you family, friends and followers can get in on the action.

Kodak Explorer SP360 4K
Lastly, we have the Explorer SP360 from one of the most well-known camera companies in the business – Kodak. With the 360-degree domed lens and 235-degree field of view your recording will only be limited by your own imagination.

It’s dustproof and splashproof for that bit of extra hardiness and built-in WiFi and NFC make it as easy as possible to share your videos with the world. It supports a microSD up to 128GB so that you’ll never miss a moment and records in stunning 4K Ultra HD.
Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
GoPro Fusion 360 £559.99 £67.20 £492.79
GoPro Hero7 £379.99 £45.60 £334.39
Ricoh Theta V £349.99 £42.00 £307.99
Kodak Explorer SP360 £299.99 £36.00 £263.99

These are just a few different, but brilliant, action cams that you can pick up from Currys PC World using Techscheme. We’ll save you up to 12% and let you spread the cost on a huge range of tech products from our partners at Currys and Apple so that whatever you’re looking for you can make sure you’re getting the best price with our employee benefit scheme. Learn more about it here.
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