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Blog > November 2017 > Best Smart Watches: Fashionable Tech
11/13/2017 2:58:08 PM | with 0 comments
The days of calculator wristwatches have long since gone, but from that old, nostalgic seed the smartwatch was born. Today smartwatches are the coolest thing in wearable tech, and here at Techscheme, we thought we’d run down a few of them to tell you why. When you buy your tech through us (and our partners at Apple & Currys PC World) we’ll save you up to 12% on their retail price as well as helping you to spread that cost over up to 3 years.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch has always been the frontrunner when it comes to smartwatches, even today the older Series 2 and original Apple watch can compete with some of the best out there. The new, cellular Series 3, though, is a world beater.

With the new watchOS 4 running things everything is quicker, programs like Docks are more useful than ever and you can even take calls through it for when you don’t want to take your mobile out for a run. The new Taptic Engine provides intelligent notifications so that you’ll be able to tell whether a vibration is from an iMessage or an update on your fitness milestones from its also upgraded fitness tracking software.

Samsung Gear S3

The closest thing you can get to an Apple Watch for Android also does a good job of tracking your health and fitness goals. It will give you weather updates, so you know whether it’s safe to out for a run or hit the gym instead and it lets you take and make calls from your wrist.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Gear 3, though, is that it looks like a normal watch. Some enjoy the futuristic look of many smartwatches but others like an old-school classic design. If that’s your thing, and you want similar functionality to an Apple Watch, then this is definitely the watch for you.

Asus ZenWatch 3

If the Apple Watch looks futuristic and the Gear 3 looks old school, then the ZenWatch 3 looks like a timepiece. One of those, slim classy watches that look like your granddad might wear (in a good way). It won’t let you take calls, but it does notify you of messages and the fitness data is useful when paired with its companion app for detailed tracking.

The Smart Assistant feature will help you stay organised and up to date while the watches intuitive 3 button design makes quickly navigating the watch nice and easy.

LG Watch Style

It’s not the prettiest of smartwatches but it does have a certain charm, there’s also a real simplistic elegance to the display design showing you the information you need at a glance. The watch face is fully customisable with a number of colours to choose from and it’ll take voice and motion controls using Google Now.

The tracking is basic but good, it’ll tell you how many steps you’ve done, how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned, and you can track your progress with Google Fit.


From the high-tech to the more basic there’s a smartwatch for everyone these days; whatever fashion takes your fancy, Techscheme will help you save money while spreading the cost. To take advantage of our employee benefits you’ll need to make sure your employer is signed up. If they aren’t already why not ask them to take a look?

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