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Blog > November 2017
Smart Home technology is so new that it still feels like something from the future, but it’s here and it’s big. Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a list of the biggest and best smart home hubs to set you up for a new age. Techscheme helps you to save money and spread the cost on all your tech purchases.
The days of calculator wristwatches have long since gone, but from that old, nostalgic seed the smartwatch was born. Today smartwatches are the coolest thing in wearable tech, and here at Techscheme, we thought we’d run down a few of them to tell you why. When you buy your tech through us (and our partners at Apple & Currys PC World) we’ll save you up to 12% on their retail price as well as helping you to spread that cost over up to 3 years.
There’s been a television revolution over the last few years, aside from the huge strides in picture quality, Smart TV’s are getting faster and smarter moving closer and closer to becoming all in one entertainment systems – if they aren’t there already. Here at Techscheme, we thought we’d fill you in on some of the best Smart TV’s out there for your budget.  No matter what the cost of your chosen TV though, we can save you up to 12% through our employee benefits scheme.
We’re sure we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of being physically and mentally healthy; to get the most out of work and play it’s important to keep on top things. That’s why we at Techscheme have put together a little list of products available through us and our partners at Currys PC World to keep you on top of your game. With Techscheme we can save you up to 12% on the tech you want and let you spread out the cost, even if you’re buying in the sales.
The Apple Watch became an instant icon. In a world of specialist fitness devices and mistrust of electronic timepieces, somehow the Apple Watch stood out from the crowd and like with most things Apple, set new standards for the competition. That’s why we at Techscheme just have to tell you about its latest iteration, the Series 3. Techscheme lets you save up to 12% on the retail price of your tech.
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