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Blog > January 2018 > iPhone X: The Best iPhone Yet
1/25/2018 4:59:36 PM | with 0 comments
The iPhone was the first great smartphone, a model from which an empire was built, devotion was earned and a cult was born. The iPhone X is its great successor, the one that we had been waiting for and in Apple’s finest tradition of bucking trends – it arrived in the world before anyone expected it to as Apple skipped the iPhone 9. Here at Techscheme, we just had to give you the rundown on the latest and greatest iPhone – but don’t forget, our partnership with Apple means that we can save you up to 12% through your National Insurance contributions on the price of the mobile.


Obviously, this phone looks fantastic. With the large 5.8-inch screen covering almost the entire face of the device, a miniscule bezel and the new glass back the iPhone X screams elegance. The build quality is apparent too, there’s a weight to the phone that just makes it feel like something substantial. Not heavy, by any means, but satisfying, like something that’s meant to sit in your hand. But let’s get back to that screen, shall we? It is gorgeous. The first iPhone to host an OLED display beams at you from the get-go - sharp, brilliant colours that don’t blur with movement. The iPhone X is home to the best display they have ever produced, and arguably the best on any smartphone.


While looking great is all very well and good, the burning question is how the phone works. Face ID is a big new shift for the iPhone. Doing away with the home button and fingerprint scanner and replacing them with facial recognition is a bold move. Especially given similar technology on other mobiles has fared rather poorly. Of course, it’s brilliant. Show the camera your face from a few different angles and you’re set up, from there just showing your face to your phone and that beautiful screen unlocks instantly. The re-tooled iOS 11 for the iPhone X, with its reliance on gestures, will take long-time Apple users a little getting used to, but you’ll be using it like a native within days. Different areas of that huge screen real-estate are dedicated to different aspects of the phone. Swiping up from the bottom is the new home button, swiping right at the bottom scrolls through apps, notifications on the top left, control centre on the top right and several other gestures. It’s a language for your fingers to learn, but building that muscle memory results in an interface that feels like an extension of yourself, rather than a serious of actions you need to perform.

Camera and Battery Life

The camera on the iPhone X is probably the best on the market. On the front, the TrueDepth 7MP selfie-taker is the best way to take pictures of your face, with excellent depth perception and lighting it allows a whole range of features, from background blurring to cropping yourself out of the picture to place on a new background. At the back, the dual 12MP with an f/2.4 aperture takes incredible pictures rich with detail either at distance or close up. In terms of battery life, it’s great for a flagship mobile. You’ll be able to stretch a day and a half out the phone easily if you use it sparingly, but more rigorous use should still see you through a good 12 hours. The iPhone X is the best iPhone that Apple has ever produced, and one of the best smartphones the world has seen.

At Techscheme you can get the iPhone X as well as a whole range of other brilliant tech goods from our partners at Apple and Currys PC World with up 12% off and the ability to spread the cost over up to 3 years. What does that mean for the iPhone X? Well, on the base model at £999 you could save up to £119.88.

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