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Blog > February 2018 > The best smartphones of 2018
2/8/2018 2:40:59 PM | with 0 comments
This is a wonderful time for mobile technology. In any industry, you would expect strides to be made with every new iteration of a product, but the latest generation of flagship smartphones feel like a bigger leap than we’ve experienced before. With that in mind, we here at Techscheme have put together a list of some of the finest smartphones available from our partners at Apple and Currys PC World. Buying through Techscheme allows you to save up to 12% on all tech and spread the cost over up to three years.

iPhone X

The iPhone X is an incredible mobile. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone was always going to be a big deal and Apple has gone all out to mark the occasion. With the inclusion of industry-leading Face ID, a phenomenal OLED display, brilliant cameras with the capacity to shoot an edit brilliant 4K video this phone packs the biggest punch an iPhone has delivered since the original.

All that’s before you get to iOS 11, optimised for the gesture led interface on the iPhone X, fun new features like 3D emoji and the new portrait mode that adds an impressive depth of functionality for fans of selfies.

Google Pixel 2XL

Then there’s the Pixel XL2; Google hasn’t been in the handset game long but boy did they arrive to some fanfare – it wasn’t undeserved. The XL 2 builds on that with a brilliant pOLED QHD+ screen that delivers one of the finest, most vivid displays on the market. Improved 12MP cameras with dual-pixel autofocus take fantastic pictures and that’s before you get to the really fun stuff.

Google Assistant is constantly improving, and with Google Lens, the tech giant has added one of the most fun ways to interact with the world around you in a long time. Scan your surroundings and get access to information on landmarks, see book reviews right there in Waterstones or find out information about artists in your nearest gallery.

iPhone 8 Plus

Apple wasn’t content with delivering the finest mobile it’s ever produced this cycle, they also decided to introduce us to the second best mobile they’ve ever produced. The 8 Plus (and the 8) are for Apple fans who aren’t quite ready for some of the largest leaps the iPhone X made. It’s more of what we’re used to from Apple, but better and faster.

It’s powerful, water and dust resistant and has excellent cameras. Beyond that, the glass is super durable so it’s better equipped for bumps and scrapes than any previous iPhone and you can charge it wirelessly.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The curved infinity screen with symmetrical metal borders and sAMOLED technology provide probably the best display on the market right now, it’s an area where Samsung has led the pack for quite a while now. It has an Iris scanner alongside the standard fingerprint scanner provide extra security while the cameras are the best Samsung has ever included in a smartphone.

It’s water and dust resistant, but the real selling point of the Galaxy S8+ is its power. 10 nm AP processing combined with the huge battery will have you seamlessly flipping between apps with multiple open windows without experiencing any slowdown.
Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
iPhone X £999.00 £119.88 £879.12
Google Pixel XL 2 £699.00 £83.88 £615.12
iPhone 8 Plus £799.00 £95.88 £703.12
Samsung Galaxy S8+ £729.00 £87.48 £641.52
*Prices based on Apple and Currys PC World listings at the time of writing

Those are the best mobiles on the market, and while we have chosen the plus-sized versions of each model, that’s down to the fact they all have larger batteries and tend to have slightly better cameras. People after a smaller handset won’t need to compromise too much for the smaller stable mates. Buying your tech through Techscheme saves you up to 12% on the listed price at Apple and Currys PC World, while also allowing you to spread the cost over up to three years.
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