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Techscheme is a jaw-droppingly simple, technology salary sacrifice solution. 
It is one of the most universally desired, engaging, and cost efficient, employee benefits available to employers today.

Could you breeze through 100GB or could you get by on less? Time to find out.
Are you looking for a new oven but not sure what’s best for your needs?
Here are our hottest tips for taking unforgettable outdoor shots on your smartphone.
We're here to make sure your TV is positioned correctly for you to enjoy all year round.
Get set for summer with £500 from Techscheme to spend at Currys PC World 
As we spend more of our lives on the internet, criminals are finding more sophisticated ways to steal data or even money.
With the success of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, streaming movies and TV shows has never been more popular.
Lots of us are looking for ways to live greener lives.
Fitness tracker or smartwatch – what’s the difference?
Depending on how much you want to spend and what you plan on using your action camera for, there are a few different things to look out for...
To create a convincing cinema experience in your home, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.
Simply put, an operating system is a piece of software that’s already loaded onto your laptop to manage the device’s software and hardware.

Whether you’re out for a run, getting to grips with a new bike or working out at home, smart watches are brilliant tools for tracking your progress.

This article is for anyone who is brand-new to the world of PlayStation.

If you’d like to be more environmentally friendly, cutting down on wasted food is a great way to start.

Health is top of everyone’s agenda.  That’s where the latest tech comes in, bringing you healthy eating appliances for a feel-good 2021.

Before you can use any of your TV's smart features, you'll need to get it connected to the internet. 

It’s always nice to have a range of employee benefits to turn to.
5 steps to becoming a podcast pro.
Working remotely? Have a winning workspace with great tech.
Here are some top tips on how to get your older folks using tech - just to help you get them started. 
The time is now to reduce our plastic use. Here’s how tech can help.
Physical activity helps you to become mentally stronger and better prepared to tackle whatever the working day throws at you.
Essential advice to keep your handset clean, fresh and free from germs. 
Save the pennies by taking control over your home heating. 
Who’s that knocking at your door?... now you’ll know! 
No matter what stage of education your child is at, access to a computer is important. But which laptop is best for schoolwork?
Here are a few ways that tech could help you to unwind, maintain control and create a stress-free environment at home.
The world of smart tech is growing fast. In fact, it might not be long before there’s little technology or gadgets in our home that aren’t considered “smart”.
Spanning across a wide range of categories, these iPhone accessories are sure to enhance your daily smartphone experience and add convenience to your lifestyle.

We’ve picked out the best WiFi range extenders, routers, and adapters to help you improve your home network.

Looking for great smart tech deals to get for a tech savvy family member or friend this Christmas?
All-in-one Windows 10 PCs remove the bulky factor of a PC tower and place the computer parts into the same area as the PC monitor.
Anybody else starting to crank up the heating? It’s getting colder, which means there has never been a better time to invest in affordable smart heating options for the upcoming winter.
4K Ultra HD is slowly becoming the industry standard, which means all new films and remastered versions of many classics can now be watched on 4K. However, to get the best experience, you’ll need a good 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player.
The average TV size has grown massively in recent years, but how do you know which size is best for your living room?
Sound bars can take the audio quality of your TV to a new level. Typically a lot of work goes into improving the quality of the display of a TV,
You would have thought owning a robot vacuum would be some kind of futuristic fantasy, but it’s possible to do right now, and actually they aren’t that expensive.
Door view cams have become a cheap choice for adding extra security to your home. These days, you can purchase door view cameras that are packed with security features.
The festival season is just around the corner, so we wanted to share some of the best chargers and gadgets for music events, camping trips, or just for use out in the summer sun.
Virtual reality is finally, well, reality, but it didn’t start off cheap. Thankfully, that has all changed as the VR realm has grown and more developers have come on board.
Tablets don’t need to be expensive. No matter what your budget, you should be able to find an excellent option for both productivity and fun.
If you care about the highest quality audio, sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for decent HiFi headphones.
Want to find out which SSD drives are best for you? Or, do you just want to save the most when you upgrade your PC?
Have you made any New Year’s health resolutions? If you have, you might want to take a look at some of this fitness tech, which might just help you stay on track in 2019.
Audio plays a bigger role in our lives than we may realise, so a brand new portable Bluetooth speaker would make the perfect gift for somebody planning a winter getaway.
Whilst most people have only just recently moved to 4K, Samsung is already taking things to the next level with their new range of 8K QLED TVs, available at Currys.
We look at some of the best smart heating solutions for your home to use energy more efficiently.
We look at some of the best smart lighting available to help you use your energy more efficiently.
High-performance audio with no strings attached.
The great thing about Wi-Fi is that you can be connected to the whole world wherever you are, that is until you're not.
In-ear headphones are great for portability, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on audio quality.
Creating an awesome environment to watch TV and movies from home is about more than just having the best telly.
The smart home is the next big thing, a connected ecosystem that allows you to control your household from wherever you are.
We take a look at some of the best available from our partners at Currys PC World, where, if you buy through us, you could save up to 12% on the listed price while spreading the cost over up to three years.
Summer is coming. Whether you're off to another country, spending some time at the beach, sipping drinks poolside or down to get muddy at a festival, having a reliable and durable set of Bluetooth speakers on you is a must for any music lover.
We know what it's like, you've got a bit of money to spend and you're desperate to get yourself something new and shiny and top of the range. Buying at the top end doesn't just mean you'll get something amazing now, but something that will last for years, that's why we at Techscheme have put together a list of some of the best flagship tech across the tech spectrum.
The Samsung Galaxy brand has established itself as one of the best Android mobiles around. Year after year Samsung has delivered; we thought we'd be remiss not to walk you through all the best bits of the latest iteration of the Galaxy flagships.
Mobile phones today have a lot of different uses; the one that you can’t skimp on, though, is the camera. We here at Techscheme want to help you out, so we’ve put together a list of the smartphones with the best cameras, all available from our partners at Apple and Currys PC World. Remember that buying through Techscheme means you could save up to 12% on the cost of your device and spread that cost over up to three years.
Setting yourself a budget is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the tech you need. It’s easy to get carried away when researching a new purchase and you may end up spending more than you really wanted to.
You don’t have to break the bank to get the right mobile for you. Here at Techscheme, we've decided to put together a little list of the best budget mobiles of the last few years available through our partners at Apple and Currys PC World.
Apple love to reinvent themselves, and when they do it, they tend to drag the rest of the industry along with them. So many innovations can be attributed to tech giants over the years, which is why we here at Techscheme have put together a list of some of the best Apple products available right now.
We’re proud to announce the launch of your new and improved Techscheme benefit. We have listened to feedback  and made three significant upgrades: 
The Microsoft Surface brand is one of the most stylish in the world of home computing, but it’s not just the look of Microsoft’s flagship range that impresses.
Google entered the hardware market in a big way a few years ago, and today they sit amongst the biggest names in several fields.
There are times when your standard network options aren’t quite enough for your needs, if you’re into high-performance gaming, have a full house of internet users or just need an upgrade on your old tech you’re going to have to go out buy something.
Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, photography is more than a simple act. It’s a calling, it’s a vocation, it’s something that means something.
Laptops were invented for convenience and in the new breed of 2-1 models that idea has reached its zenith
Google’s incursion into the realms of hardware and software opened the door to a new kind of laptop. Chromebooks, with their reliance on cloud storage, allow manufacturers to build powerful but light laptops by not having to find space for increasingly large hard drives.
This is a wonderful time for mobile technology. In any industry, you would expect strides to be made with every new iteration of a product, but the latest generation of flagship smartphones feel like a bigger leap than we’ve experienced before.

We have some super exciting news to share with you. In case you haven’t noticed, your technology employee benefit has been revamped - so you gain even more.

The great thing about working with our partners at Currys PC World is that we’re able to offer even better savings for customers.
The iPhone was the first great smartphone, a model from which an empire was built, devotion was earned and a cult was born.
It’s always hard picking out a new laptop, sifting through the countless options to find one that’s right for you can be a daunting task.
All-in-one computers have really taken off in the last few years; previously the domain of iMacs and not much else, advancements in hardware mean that it’s easier than ever to get everything you need from a computer in one unit.
E-readers are one of those things that we never knew we wanted. You can never really replace the look, feel and smell of a proper book, but the ability to have thousands of them all in one place, easy to buy and download, take on holiday and conveniently whip out on a train has made converts of us all.
Building your smart home is a real joy, collecting all the different hubs, gadgets and gizmos to make a fully automated home is a really satisfying feeling
At Techscheme We’ve put together a list of some of the best external hard drives from our partners at Apple and Currys; with Techscheme, you can save up to 12% off their listed prices – even in the sales!
A good set of headphones are important. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable or awkward pair of headphones, and it’s important to set yourself up with a pair that meets your needs.
Smart Home technology is so new that it still feels like something from the future, but it’s here and it’s big. Here at Techscheme, we’ve put together a list of the biggest and best smart home hubs to set you up for a new age. Techscheme helps you to save money and spread the cost on all your tech purchases.
The days of calculator wristwatches have long since gone, but from that old, nostalgic seed the smartwatch was born. Today smartwatches are the coolest thing in wearable tech, and here at Techscheme, we thought we’d run down a few of them to tell you why. When you buy your tech through us (and our partners at Apple & Currys PC World) we’ll save you up to 12% on their retail price as well as helping you to spread that cost over up to 3 years.
There’s been a television revolution over the last few years, aside from the huge strides in picture quality, Smart TV’s are getting faster and smarter moving closer and closer to becoming all in one entertainment systems – if they aren’t there already. Here at Techscheme, we thought we’d fill you in on some of the best Smart TV’s out there for your budget.  No matter what the cost of your chosen TV though, we can save you up to 12% through our employee benefits scheme.
We’re sure we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of being physically and mentally healthy; to get the most out of work and play it’s important to keep on top things. That’s why we at Techscheme have put together a little list of products available through us and our partners at Currys PC World to keep you on top of your game. With Techscheme we can save you up to 12% on the tech you want and let you spread out the cost, even if you’re buying in the sales.
The Apple Watch became an instant icon. In a world of specialist fitness devices and mistrust of electronic timepieces, somehow the Apple Watch stood out from the crowd and like with most things Apple, set new standards for the competition. That’s why we at Techscheme just have to tell you about its latest iteration, the Series 3. Techscheme lets you save up to 12% on the retail price of your tech.