Afford the unaffordable and
save £££s on tech

Save money and spread the cost on the latest tech
from Currys PC World


What can I get?

Over 5000 products available from Currys PC World



Where can I get it?

Techscheme is powered by Currys PC World, so you can choose from over 5,000 products from their incredible range.

How does it work?

Techscheme lets you get the latest tech through your employer. You then spread the cost with up to 12 payments from your salary across 12 months and make National Insurance saving too.

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The ultimate employee benefit

Techscheme gives employees a simple way to get the tech they love. That’s why 57% of employees say Techscheme is the most desired benefit.

Instant, affordable access to tech

Techscheme lets you spread the cost and save on the latest tech. 73% of employees couldn’t easily get their tech without us.

The biggest range

Shop over 5,000 products online or in-store with Apple, Currys PC World and John Lewis.

Simple sign up

Techscheme is for business of all shapes and sizes. It’s free to join and cost neutral to run – everybody wins.


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