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How to setup your perfect workspace


Working from home is the reality right now and while many of us daydream about the perfect study or light-filled loft, we have to look at how we make the space we do have work for us – whether that’s perching at the kitchen table or camping out in your kid’s bedroom. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to remodel where you live just to make a space where you can be truly productive. All you need to do is organise your tech in a way that can make remote working successful for you. It’s also important to make sure that your posture isn’t suffering. Read on for some tips on how to get started. 


The perfect workstation needs a powerful, reliable laptop that can serve as your main computer while giving you option of staying portable. Whether that’s because you need to travel elsewhere for work or just because you want to sit in the garden on sunny days (we all do it!). So, you’ll need something powerful, but lightweight enough to carry around that has enough battery life so you don’t have to be permanently plugged in. 

Currys PC World suggests 

Try the HP Pavilion x360 14-dh0525sa 14" Intel® Core™ i5 2 in 1 Laptop. It comes with 256 GB of ROM and folds out into a fully functioning tablet! Great for entertainment as well as video calls. The powerful Intel® Core™ i5 keeps things smooth and connected and there’s a great 9.5-hour battery life. Plus, if you do end up in the garden, its anti-glare display means you’ll still be able to work, read and watch. 

Mouse and keyboard 

A good laptop is great but using the track pad all day isn’t always the most efficient. Replace with a wireless optical mouse and you’ll feel the difference immediately.  

Add an external keyboard and you’ve got a much better workstation already. There’s nothing wrong with typing on your laptop itself, but having a wireless keyboard gives you freedom to find the most comfortable position. This will prevent you from hunching over your laptop and you’re less likely to get pain from repetitive strain injury (RSI) in your wrist. 

Laptop riser 

A laptop riser can be a big help. Adjusting your laptop screen height means that you can find an eye level position that will help you keep a better posture. Laptop risers also help with your cable management by keeping everything neat and tidy on your desk - a clearer desk will probably give you a clearer mind. 


If you have to work on several documents at once, there is nothing more annoying than having to flick between windows. Getting a decent sized monitor as a second screen means you can (hopefully) get things done more quickly.  


Maybe you just prefer to use one screen? With a decent sized single screen, you won’t need to lean forward and peer at your laptop. It makes all the difference when you’ve got to sit there for 8 hours a day. 

Currys PC World suggests 

Consider the SAMSUNG C34J791 Quad HD 34" Curved LED Monitor. With its 34-inch screen, it’s great for multi-tasking. It’s super wide – which means it’s great for laying out projects and having different apps open at the same time. Plus, with such a high-quality screen, immersive gaming and movies will be incredible. 

Office chair 

The centre of any workstation set up is a good office chair. Anyone who has spent a week sat on a kitchen stool or a hard dining table chair will understand the need for a quality piece of office furniture. 

It’s best to go for something fully adjustable so that you can find your perfect height. Plus, you want something that’s going to give you proper support – looking after your back is very important. Finally, a chair just for working means that the focus begins once you sit down. 

Currys PC World suggests 
Try the ADX ACHAIR19 Gaming Chair. Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played a video game in your life. The ADX ACHAIR19 is designed with comfort in mind for long gaming sessions. It’s fully adjustable and the arms are padded. If you look at equivalent office chairs, you’ll find that this gaming chair is a great deal. 

Wireless headset 

Now we’re working remotely, video calls on Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom have become the standard. And while using your laptop microphone/speakers may do for a while, a decent wireless headset will give you a much better experience – and give the rest of the house some peace too. Wireless technology offers you a tangle free experience enabling you move around when you’re on a call. Many headsets also offer the kind of sound quality and noise-cancelling tech that you’d find in a pair of premium headphones.  

Smart lighting 

The problem with most household lighting is that it’s really inconsistent - think about the difference between your kitchen and your living room. When it comes to working remotely, it’s great to have a consistent light source that works with you. And though there’s nothing wrong with a standard lamp, you could benefit more with a smart lamp. They light up your workspace and are easily customisable from your smartphone. 

Currys PC World suggests 

PHILIPS Hue White Ambience Wellness Smart Table Lamp is easy to set and customise. You can pair it with Google Home or Amazon Alexa and set a schedule. So, you could programme a bright and welcoming glow first thing in the morning and then dim down once your working day is done and you want to relax. 


Smart assistant 

There’s no point setting up the perfect workspace without getting organised and that’s what a good smart assistant can help you be. Whether you need reminders for an upcoming meeting or you just want to hook up to the rest of your smart home, getting a virtual assistant in on your working day can be a great help. 

Currys PC World suggests 

Google’s Nest Hub Max can do everything from make video calls to putting in meeting reminders. Google Assistant allows you to stay connected and keep on top of your day. Plus, you can control your smart home (including turning on the air conditioning or turning off the lights) using your voice. 


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