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Break up and reduce the cost of a brand-new Samsung TV with Techscheme. It’s the smartest way to finance all the latest and greatest tech on the market!

Pay Monthly Samsung TVs

Samsung are known the world over. You may even have one of their smartphones in your pocket right now. But Samsung are also leading the way in the home entertainment thanks to their outstanding smart TVs. If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, you can get yourself a Samsung TV on finance and actually save money on the cost with our salary sacrifice scheme. 


Samsung smart TVs can command quite the price tag. They're worth every penny but it can be just too much to pay all at once. That’s where we can offer a helping hand. Our financing option is better than other retailers. Why? We operate on a salary sacrifice scheme. This means that you make interest-free monthly payments on your new Samsung TV from your pre-tax salary. This reduces your National Insurance contributions (NICs) and can shave up to 12% off the cost of your television. So, don’t just break down the cost of a brand-new smart TV, reduce it with Techscheme!

Why Choose a Samsung TV?

Samsung have a storied history of making great electronics for the global market. They have quickly risen to worldwide prominence and are an absolute authority in the tech space. Whatever they put their minds to, whether it’s smartphones, kitchen appliances or smart TVs, they excel and exceed expectations. 

Samsung televisions meet the highest standards and they have a new range of QLED televisions ready and raring to go for 2019. Their smart TV platform allows you to enjoy internet-based content, browse the web, play games, download apps and more, all whilst enjoying the best quality sound and picture TVs have to offer.

Exciting new Samsung smart TV features include ‘The Frame’. When your TV isn’t in use, let it become a work of art, or display your favourite photos. The ‘One Near-Invisible Cable’ rids your television set of unsightly wiring. The ‘No Gap Wall-Mount’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Your TV can hang from the wall like a picture frame for an even more immersive installation design. Or, you can browse from Samsung’s wide range of TV stands that match ‘The Frame’ with options to suit any interior. Their new 4K UHD is four times the sharpness and quality of HD and Samsung HDR capabilities enhance all the details and colours to a truly beautiful standard. Enjoy your favourite film and TV shows the way they were meant to be enjoyed with a state-of-the-art Samsung smart TV.

No Upfront Fees

How can you get started on one of our finance plans? If your employer is signed up to Techscheme and you’ are over the age of 18, then you can get started today! By teaming up with employers all over the country, we’re able to bring the latest tech to their teams without unnecessary obstacles. We charge no upfront fees; you will never pay interest on your monthly payments and we have no need to run any credit checks. It’s the smartest, easiest financing option on the market. 

If your employer isn’t signed up, bring it their attention without ‘invite your employer’ form on our website. You may not be the only one at your place of work that stands to benefit from one of our financing options so be a workplace hero and speak up!

What Can I Get?

Samsung Ultra HD

Samsung's Ultra HD capabilities bring precision image to your home - buy for less with Techscheme!

Samsung The Frame 

The Frame is pioneering TV design. Save up to 12% on the cost of a brand-new model.

Samsung Curved TVs

Immerse yourself in viewing with Samsung's Curved TV design. Available through Techscheme!

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a Samsung TV through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, your annual salary and whether you want to make payments over a 12 month period.

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