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Break down the cost of a brand-new Hisense TV with Techscheme. With no fees, no credit checks and absolutely no interest, it’s the best financing plan for all the latest tech out there!

Pay Monthly Hisense TVs

What is the one thing stopping you from getting all the greatest technology? The price. If we could, we’d have it all. The standard of laptops, televisions, games consoles, smartphones and even central heating systems is so high that it’s easy to want everything. But of course, when you have other commitments, it becomes hard to treat yourself to a fantastic bit of kit, no matter how long you’ve wanted it for.

If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then wait no longer. Our clever financing plan helps you to get the tech that will put a smile on your face every day. We’ve created a smart financing plan by working with employers. By doing this, we’ve reduced the barriers that normally come with a financed purchase and you can actually save up to 12% on the cost. This is because all your interest-free monthly payments will reduce your National Insurance contributions (NICs). So, don’t just break up the cost of the tech you want - reduce it with Techscheme!

Why Buy a Hisense TV?

Televisions have come a long way in a short time. Allowing for complete internet connectivity, smart TVs are the absolute future of home entertainment. The latest TVs give you the power to seamlessly switch between live TV, subscription services like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime, and even connect with your phone for a completely synchronised experience.

Hisense has been a big player in the home entertainment field for over five decades, and their range of smart TVs are ready to make a big difference in your home. We all need to unwind, relax and be entertained. Hisense’s awesome line of smart TVs bring high definition entertainment into your home with clarity, dynamic picture and sleek, minimal design.

With Hisense TVs as large as 75” available via the Currys PC World website, they have a wide choice for you to choose from. With 4K Ultra HD capabilities, an inbuilt High Dynamic Range (HDR) and LED screens, these will do all your favourite films and series justice. Occupying the more affordable end of the smart TV market, buying a Hisense Smart TV is made even easier with Techscheme!

No Credit Checks

We understand that putting people in touch with the latest technology helps them to do more and be better at their jobs. You gain valuable IT skills by owning a laptop for example, or you can stay connected with work, friends and family with a smartphone. A top of the range TV allows you to unwind after work, and a happy, relaxed employee is a productive employee!

That’s why we work with employers and have made it easier than ever to get tech on finance if your employer is signed up to Techscheme. If they’re signed up and you are over the age of 18, then you qualify! We don’t charge a penny in upfront fees; we don’t run any credit checks and we will never charge interest on your payments. If they’re not signed up, use the ‘invite your employer’ from on our website. Everyone at your place of work stands to benefit from being signed up to Techscheme so be a workplace hero and let them know about us!

What Can I Get?

Hisense Ultra HD

Let Hisense's Ultraa HD sharpen up your viewing experience. Buy for less with Techscheme!

Hisense Smart 4K

Get crystal-clear image in your home with Hisense's Smart 4K TVs.

Hisense HDR 

Hisense's HDR LED TVs are available for less with Techscheme!

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a Hisense TV through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, and your annual salary.

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