Got your eye on an iPad but don’t think you’ll ever be able to afford the latest tech, take a look at our salary sacrifice scheme. Monthly payments to suit you, no credit checks or upfront costs, and National Insurance savings bring it to you up to 12% cheaper than you’d find anywhere else.

Pay Monthly iPads

Tablets provide you with portable convenience. They are small, discrete, have great battery lives and you can use them for multiple functions. Due to Apple’s popular reputation for great technology, the iPad is one of those most in demand tablets people wish to have. They can be quite costly however and when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, getting your hands on the latest tech can feel a lifetime away.

Not anymore! Our salary sacrifice scheme brings you the latest iPads on a pay monthly basis. With no upfront costs or credit checks, and a reduction on price due to national insurance savings, it’s the most affordable way of getting the upgrade you’ve been longing for.

Types Of iPad

It can be difficult to know which is the right iPad for you. One obvious comparison is the screen size. iPad is 9.7”, iPad mini is 7.9” and iPad Pro’s are available in 10.5” and 12.9” screen sizes.

iPad Pros have quicker processors and stunning retina displays, but all iPads are superior tablets, so you won’t have to worry about their speed or graphic quality. iPad Pro have more storage and added features, including immersive speakers, and are more powerful than most laptops.

The truth is when making a decision it really depends on how you plan on using your iPad. If you want to use it as a replacement for your laptop, the Pro models are better. The smaller models are better for everyday use and life on the go. 

No Credit Checks

You may be surprised to learn that we don’t carry out credit checks as part of our salary sacrifice scheme, but we understand your credit file isn’t necessarily representative of your true self.

We have minimal requirements, so if you’re employed, and your employer is willing to join the scheme that’s good enough for us. There are no upfront costs or other requirements and the technology is owned by you as soon as agree to the plan.

You choose the payment length to suit you, our calculator will help you work out how affordable the payments are and if you wish them to be lower then you can expand the term. Salary sacrifice schemes are designed to benefit you and help you get your hands on the latest technology.

This is why you’ll find our plans to be relatively hassle free.

What Can I Get?



Our iPad monthly deals could save you up to 12%.
iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Spread payments over 12 months and save money on the iPad Mini.
iPad Pro

iPad Pro

iPad Pro monthly deals available with our salary sacrifice scheme.

iPad Cellular

iPad Cellular

The latest iPad could be yours for less - save money with Techscheme.

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