Huawei Smartphones

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Which Huawei Smartphone Should I Buy?

There are a few different ranges that Huawei are offering that we think you should look out for, in particular the P and Mate lines.

Huawei P

The P range includes a few different models. First, there’s the most affordable, the P Smart. Coming in at under £200, it’s a fantastic phone for what it’s worth. It’s affordable, runs Android 8.0, has good battery life and a 13 megapixel camera.
The P20 is the next best smartphone in the range. With a touchscreen that comes in at over 6”, its battery life is fantastic and has dual 40/20 megapixel main cameras. The camera is enhanced by its built-in AI system, too. It’s a fantastic phone for those that don’t want to break the bank to get a new phone.

The P20 also has a big brother model, the P20 Pro. It’s similar to the P20 except it has three main cameras instead of two, its battery life is the same and it has a sturdier build. Huawei phones don’t bend, snap or smash easily and the P20 Pro is testament to that fact.

Huawei Mate

Finally, Huawei’s flagship model is its Mate range. You can get the Mate 20 Pro or the Mate 20 Lite. The Mate 20 Pro is Huawei’s most expensive smartphone and is up there with the very best smartphones in terms of quality. The Mate 20 Pro has improved on the P20 and the Mate 20 Lite has all the same features, packed into a slightly smaller, lighter model.

Pay for a Brand-New Huawei Smartphone Monthly

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No Interest Charges

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What Can I Get?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Save money and spread payments over 12 months on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei Y7

Save up to 12% on the Huawei Y7 with Techscheme.

Huawei Mate Lite

The Huawei Mate Lite could be yours with our salary sacrifice scheme.

Huawei P Smart

Break up the cost of a Huawei P Smart with Techscheme. 

Huawei P20 Pro

You could get Huawei's flagship phone, the P20 Pro, for up to 12% less.

Huawei P20

Save money when you buy a Huawei P20 with Techscheme.

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