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Want to save money on your energy bills? Save up to 12% on the cost of brand-new Hive system with Techscheme!

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The technological revolution isn’t exclusive to mobile phones, televisions and computers. Every part of our lives can be improved and optimised by technology. Smart home technology is on the rise and with 5G on the horizon, our homes could become more interconnected and advanced than anything we’re used to.

The only problem with all this new technology? It doesn’t come cheap. It’s worth every pound but there’s no denying state-of-the-art tech can cost a pretty penny. When you’ve got other responsibilities, treating yourself to a new piece of gear can take a back seat. If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, it doesn’t have to.

Break up the cost of all the tech you want with Techscheme. There are no credit checks, no fees and no interest. All your payments are made from your pre-tax salary too, meaning you can save up to 12% on the cost of your purchase. This is because your payments will reduce your National Insurance contributions (NICs). It’s an easy way to save money on all the latest tech and break up your purchase into manageable chunks.

Why Choose Hive Heating?

There’s a very simple reason why people are choosing to buy smart heating systems. They’re proven to help you save money on your energy bills. With Hive central heating, you can save up to £130 on your bills every year*.

So, what does it do? A Hive central heating system give you power to control your heating wherever you are. It connects to your smartphone and allow you to track, personalise and keep on top of your heating. With its multizone feature, it can heat different parts of the house at the same time. If no one is upstairs, don’t waste energy heating it. This complete control gives you more power over your energy bills and helps to make those crucial savings.

Not only that, it connects with other smart devices in your home like the Google Home or Amazon Echo, so you can control your heating with your voice! Hive central heating is part of a wide range of smart home technology on offer from Hive. With the money you can save by using a Hive heating system, you could buy a new tablet, some headphones, a new fitness tracker, or even a smartwatch!


No Checks, No Fees

How can you start benefitting from one of our financing plans today? If your employer is signed up to Techscheme and you’re over the age of 18, you’re all good to go. We don’t run any credit checks; we don’t ask for any upfront fees and we’ll never charge interest on your payments. Your tech is 100% owned by you when it arrives too!

Employer not signed up? Bring us to their attention with the ‘invite your employer’ form on our website. You never know how many people you could be helping by encouraging your place of work to sign up to Techscheme.

What Can I Get?

Hive Active Heating

Break up the cost and save money on a brand-new Hive Active Heating system that will slash your energy bills with Techscheme!

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