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Save money on a brand-new Google Home voice assistant. Techscheme is the financing plan that works for you. There’s no fees, no credit checks and interest-free payments!

Buy Google Home on Finance

The latest and greatest technology can do so much to shape and enrich our lives. At work and outside of work, tech helps us to connect with loved ones, learn new skills and to unwind in our personal time. The benefits of technology are well-known, but there’s one thing that often stands in your way of purchasing: the price.

The best technology is worth the price, but it can often be tough to find the cash you need. We’ve created a financing option for all the latest technology that is really accessible, easy and gives more purchasing power to you. If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you can get started today!

With Techscheme, you make payments from your pre-tax salary. Why? Because this reduces your National Insurance contributions (NICs) meaning you can save up to 12% on the cost of a brand-new piece of kit. So with Techscheme you don’t just break up the cost,  you reduce it! You can revolutionise your life and start enjoying the amazing benefits of technology today.

Why Buy a Google Home?

The smart home voice assistant market is booming right now. Not every new piece of tech gains a huge following but sometimes something comes along that’s instinctive, really easy to use and it catches on like wildfire. With both Amazon and Google leading the way in voice assistants, why should you opt for a Google Home speaker?

The Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker that has Google Assistant in-built. You can play music through your Google Home and find answers to any of your questions with the power of your voice. Place it in a central part of your home, like the lounge or kitchen and you can use it to help your household stay organised. Ask for a recipe, update your shopping list, make an appointment, the Google Home is the home assistant you’ve been looking for!

The Google Home assistant comes in a few different iterations. The original Google Home is their first edition. It’s small, sleek and comes in different colour options. The Google Home Mini has all the same great features, but they’ve been packed in to a smaller unit that costs half the price. Perfect if you want to get a couple of them to go into different rooms. Finally, the Google Home Hub adds a 7” touchscreen display to an already winning formula. See everything at a glance, look at old photos, the screen adds a whole new dimension.

Google Home is compatible with over 200 smart devices from a host of leading brands, so you can synchronise it with your other smart home technology to bring your home in to the future.

No Upfront Fees

You don’t have to jump through a load of hoops to start your financing plan today. If you are over the age of 18, are employed and your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you’re all set! By working with employers, we can do away with the normal conditions retailers and others apply to their finance plans.

This means there are no credit checks, no upfront fees and we don’t charge any interest on your payments. If your employer isn’t signed up, let them know about us with the ‘invite your employer’ form on our website. There could be a bunch of people at your place of work who could stand to benefit from one of our finance plans, be a workplace hero and let them know about us!

What Can I Get?

Google Home 

Get the Google Home for less with Techscheme.

Google Home Hub

Save up to 12% on a Google Home Hub!

Google Home Mini

Save money on the stylish Google Home Mini via monthly salary sacrifice.

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