Sony Headphones

Save up to 12% on the cost of a brand-new pair of Sony headphones with Techscheme. With no fees, no interest and no credit checks, it’s the best way to finance all the latest and greatest technology.

Sony Headphones Pay Monthly

If you’re a frequent traveller, gym-goer or love listening to music at home, there’s a fantastic pair of Sony headphones out there for you. The technological revolution hasn’t left behind any part of our lives and even headphones are getting increasingly advanced. And this means they command a higher price tag too.  

At Techscheme, we offer a simple, intuitive way of paying for your technology so you can get some new Sony Headphones on finance, as well as any other gadgets, toys and state-of-the-art tech you want. If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, we’ll take payments from your pre-tax salary for your purchase. This will reduce your National Insurance contributions (NICs), meaning you save up to 12% on the cost of your gadgets!

Which Sony Headphones Should I Choose?

Sony are a forward-thinking company that have created excellent bits of gear that are used all over the home. From wide-screen televisions to cameras, phones to wireless speakers, they’ve got a wide catalogue of tech. Their headphones are fantastic, affordable and high-quality. But which one should you go for?

Sony Wireless Headphones

Sony have a number of different wireless over-ear headphones. These include Sony noise cancelling headphones and Sony earbuds. If you’re frequently travelling, Sony’s noise cancelling headphones are perfect for flights, long train journeys and road trips. Don’t miss their ‘EXTRA BASS’ models if you’re a low-end lover.

Sony’s Bluetooth headphones include in-ear models and other more portable over-ear headphones. If you need some headphones to help get you in the zone, Sony’s Bluetooth headphones are great for cycling, running and training.  

Sony Earbuds

Sony’s earphones come in both wireless Bluetooth models and cheaper wired models. The wired earphones are much more affordable, but don’t offer the same freedom of movement and resistance as wireless Bluetooth earbuds do.

Some of them come with a headband, which is perfect for wearing at your desk or in the gym. For more active users, some come as two completely wireless earbuds, and some have over-ear hooks. We recommend going in-store and trying out different models to see which one you find more comfortable if you don’t already have a preference.

Sony consistently score high on consumer reviews and you can be confident you’re getting a good quality product when you buy with Sony.

No Credit Checks

So, how can you get started with Techscheme today? If your employer is signed up, then you’re good to go. To qualify for one of our fantastic financing options, you need to be over the age of 18, employed and your employer must be signed up to Techscheme. There’s no sign-up fee, no upfront costs and no credit checks. Best of all - we charge 0% interest on all of your monthly payments.

Employer not signed up? We know that having access to all the latest tech, whether it’s work-related or not, can help you be better at your job. You gain valuable skills by using technology. Technology helps you to do more in your personal life, even if it that is just watching a good movie in bed! Happy employees are productive employees, so use the ‘invite your employer’ from on our website to bring it to their attention.

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Sony Sports Headphones

These Sony Sports headphones could be yours for less with our salary sacrifice scheme.


Sony Earphones

Save money on high-quality Sony Earphones via monthly salary sacrifice.

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