Bose Headphones

In the market for some new headphones? Don’t let big price tags put you off – break up the cost with Techscheme!

Pay Monthly for Bose Headphones

The latest Bose headphones are pushing the envelope of what headphones should be. If you travel often, then a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones are probably on your wish list. The problem with state of the art technology? It isn’t cheap. Top-quality tech is certainly worth the price you pay, but it can be too much to part with all at once. You shouldn’t miss out the gadgets you want because the price is too big and with Techscheme, you don’t have to!

If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you can benefit from one of our financing plans. You make payments on your chosen technology from your pre-tax salary. This will reduce your National Insurance contributions (NICs) meaning you can save up to 12% on a brand-new pair of Bose headphones. It’s the smartest financing option for all the latest tech out there.

Which Bose Headphones Should You Choose?

Bose have a number of different lines of headphones and earphones. Their most popular are:
  • Bose SoundSport
  • Bose SoundLink
  • Bose QuietComfort
The SoundSport range features both in-ear headphones and wireless ear-hook headphones. These are perfect for those that want to listen to music on the go. Whether you’re training, cycling or running; these are perfect for helping you to get in the zone.

The Bose SoundLink series is a commuter’s best friend. These Bose noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for long journeys or home listening. Do away with the pull and strain of wired headphones and enjoy your music or video the way it was intended to be enjoyed.

The QuietComfort range is another line of Bose noise cancelling headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 35s are over-ear headphones that add a new dimension of comfort to Bose wireless headphones. This range also includes in-ear headphones and different colour options.

Interest-Free Finance

There are no credit checks, no upfront fees and no interest charged on your monthly payments. If you’re employed, over the age of 18 and your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you can get started today.

If your employer isn’t signed up, then use our ‘invite your employer’ form. You can use Techscheme to purchase tech to boost working performance like laptops, PCs, tablets, phones and other tech that is all for play such as headphones, fitness trackers and smartwatches.

What Can I Get?

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

These Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones could be yours for less with our salary sacrifice scheme.

Bose SoundLink II Headphones

Save money on the Bose SoundLink 2 via monthly salary sacrifice.

Bose SleepBuds

Drift off to the Land of Nod with these comfortable Bose SleepBuds - available via Techscheme.

Bose SoundSport Bluetooth Headphones

Train harder with the Bose Soundsport Headphones!

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