Samsung Watches

Use our salary sacrifice scheme to save up to 12% on a brand-new Samsung Watch. With no credit checks, upfront fees and interest-free repayments, it’s the best financing option available for all the latest tech!

Which Samsung Watch Should I Get?

Samsung make a lot of different products, from smartphones to TVs to fridge freezers. They’ve also decided to get involved in the wearable tech revolution with a range of smart watches. There’s a couple of lines that are definitely ones to watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a seriously sleek and modern smart watch. Where many other manufacturers make smart watches that have a lot of features but lack in the design department, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch has the look and feel of a classic wristwatch.

It has a battery life of up to four days, it’s waterproof, can make contactless payments and you can even receive calls and notifications through it. Plus, it has a built-in GPS and you can personalise your watch with a number of different straps, faces and colours. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will also help you to track your steps and monitor your cycling and swimming. What’s more, you can also monitor your sleep.

Samsung Gear Watch

Samsung’s Gear watches are sportier than the Galaxy range and there are a few different types of such as the Gear Frontier and Gear Sport. The Samsung Gear Sport watch comes with 79 pre-loaded watch faces and looks more like a smart watch than the Frontier or Galaxy. It comes with a stand-alone music player, is waterproof, has its own fitness centre and is the perfect training companion.

The Gear Frontier has more of a classic race watch look. It has voice calling and commands and syncs to your smartphone to deliver notifications. It comes with Samsung’s health and fitness tracking and a battery life of up to 4 days. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it’s always-on display offers a really traditional look.

Pay Monthly for a Samsung Watch

Having the latest tech isn’t just for show, there are so many benefits that tech brings. A  laptop can help you get online and stay in touch friends or family, improve your IT skills or even help you chase personal goals like a new exercise regimen, learn a new language or take an online course. Or, a laptop can simply keep you entertained. Whatever you want the newest tech for, it’s often out of your reach thanks to hefty price tags.

But you shouldn’t miss out on the latest tech and the great news is you don’t have to, if your employer is signed up to Techscheme. With repayments taken from your pre-tax salary, you can save up to 12% on a brand-new Samsung watch through reduced National Insurance contributions (NICs). Start taking advantage of Techscheme today!

No Upfront Fees

So, what do you need to do to start benefitting from Techscheme today? If you are over the age of 18, employed and your employer is signed up to Techscheme, then you could be eligible to benefit from our services. We don’t run credit checks, we don’t charge any interest on your repayments and your Samsung Watch is 100% owned by you at the point of purchase.

If your employer isn’t signed up, then talk to them about our services as there could be many more people at your place of work that could benefit massively from having access to the latest tech. If you’re feeling shy, you can simply invite them with the ‘Invite your employer form’ on our website.

What Can I Get?

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Break down the cost of a high-spec Samsung Galaxy Watch with Techscheme.

Samsung Gear Sport 

Save up to 12% when you buy a Samsung Gear Sport through Techscheme. 

Samsung Gear Frontier

This gorgeous Samsung Gear Frontier could be yours for even cheaper with our salary sacrifice scheme.

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