Microsoft Surface Desktop PCs

If you’re looking to buy a new desktop PC, why not save up to 12% when you buy a Microsoft Surface Desktop PC with Techscheme? It’s the best and most affordable option available to purchase all the latest tech.

Pay Monthly for a Microsoft Surface Desktop PC

New tech and gadgets are released all the time and it’s easy to want it all!. But with better tech, comes bigger price tags. When you’ve got bills to pay, it can be hard to justify spending all that money at once - even if you stand to gain a lot from doing so. A new desktop can help you connect with friends and family, take online courses or even just to improve your IT skills.

At Techscheme, we offer a salary sacrifice scheme. You get your hands on the best tech and pay for it from your pre-tax salary. There’s nothing to pay upfront and you make savings of up to 12% through reductions in your National Insurance contributions (NICs). You can also choose whether to extend your repayment period to two or three years, to make it even more manageable.

Why Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft need no introduction in the computing world. Their Surface desktop computers are gorgeous, powerful and functional. The Surface Studio desktop comes with a stunning 4K display and touchscreen, excellent for people working in creative fields. It has Microsoft’s bolstered security features built in and next generation processing and graphics performance.

Whether you need one for work or for creative pursuits in the home, the Microsoft Surface range of laptops and tablets come highly recommended and celebrated. Get your hands on a Microsoft Surface Desktop today and save money in the process with Techscheme!

No Credit Checks or Upfront Fees

You’re probably thinking: what’s the catch? We don’t make you jump through hoops like other financing options do. If you’re over the age of 18, employed and your employer is signed up to Techscheme; then you can start taking advantage of our excellent salary sacrifice scheme today.

If your employer isn’t signed up, speak to them about it. There may be a bunch of other people at your place of work that could really benefit from using Techscheme. You can also invite them with the ‘Invite your employer form’ on our website.

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a Microsoft Surface Desktop PC through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, your annual salary, and whether you want to make payments over a 12, 24 or 36 month period.

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