Need a new computer but don’t think you can afford an iMac?

Think again. With no interest charges or credit checks, Techscheme’s pay monthly salary sacrifice scheme is the most affordable way to get your hands on the latest tech.

iMac Pay Monthly

iMac is one of the most recommended desktops, especially for people with creative careers who spend time editing photos and videos. The retina display is of superb quality and makes designers' jobs a lot easier.

As with most quality items however, Macs can be expensive to purchase outright. Techscheme is a salary sacrifice scheme that allows you to pay monthly for the latest devices with no interest charges and minimal requirements.

Benefits Of An iMac

The iMac range is made up of brilliant and popular desktops that can make your computing needs a lot simpler and faster. Like its user interface, the hardware of the Mac is streamlined and efficient. The monitor is ultra-thin and as it has the hard drive and ports built in, you won’t need a heavy tower or lots of cables on your desk.

iMac is also less vulnerable to viruses and hack attempts, so it's a safer device. With other PCs, it can be difficult to know who is responsible for any issues you might come across. Microsoft provides the software, manufacturers produce the hardware and there are other thirds parties involved in the running also.

With a Mac, Apple develops everything, so there’s one sole contact should you need any assistance. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use computer, a Mac is an option to look at.

No Interest Charges

Unlike most monthly financing options, with Techscheme you won’t find yourself paying any interest on your purchase.

You make the set monthly payments for the length of your plan and the item is yours to keep. It really is that simple. No upfront costs, interest or hidden charges.

With Techscheme, you may also end up paying less than the RRP for your iMac, by saving up to 12% on National Insurance contributions. Why wait? Get your hands on the latest desktop and sign up to Techscheme.

What Can I Get?



Save money on Mac PCs with our salary sacrifice scheme.
Mac Pro

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro could be yours - save up to 12% with Techscheme.
Mac Mni

Mac Mini

Spread monthly payments over 12 months, and you could get the Mac Mini for less.

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