Dell Computers

Pay for a brand-new Dell computer monthly with our salary sacrifice scheme. With interest-free repayments, no credit checks or upfront fees; this is the financing scheme that works for you.

Pay Monthly for a Dell Computer

Get a lower price for your Dell computer when you purchase through our salary sacrifice scheme. The world of tech is always changing, and it can feel impossible to stay up to date. With this scheme, you can own the latest technology and save money in the process.

If your employer is signed up to Techscheme, you can get a new Dell computer and make interest-free repayments on it from your pre-tax salary. This will, in turn, reduce your National Insurance contributions, meaning you’ll save money (up to 12%) when you a buy a Dell computer through us.

You can also choose the length of your payment plan to suit you. There’s no upfront cost, no credit checks and your new Dell computer will be 100% owned by you from the point of purchase.

Why Choose a Dell Computer?

When it comes to desktop PCs, Dell has always been a frontrunner. And in terms of which model is best, there are two Dell computers you need to know about.

The Dell XPS Tower is an unassuming piece of kit. It might not look like much from the outside, but it blows away its competitors. TechRadar named it their best PC of 2018. With great customer support service too, this Dell computer could be the one for you.

For an all-in-one PC, look to the Dell Inspiron. With striking design, this PC backs up its gorgeous looks with powerful computing. It’s simple to set up and easy to use. The wide display is great for people who like to have multiple windows and tabs open. This model is geared towards those working in creative fields, so if that’s you - see how much the Dell Inspiron could benefit you and your work.

No Upfront Costs or Credit Checks

At Techscheme, we don’t run credit checks or ask for any money upfront. You simply have to be aged 18+, employed and your employer signed up to Techscheme to qualify. If your employer isn’t signed up, let us know. We’ll get in touch with them and discuss our scheme on your behalf.
If your employer hasn’t signed up to us yet, then talk to them! If not, we can email them on your behalf, simply use the ‘invite your employer’ form on the website.


What Can I Get?

Dell Inspiron

This Dell Inspirion could be yours for less with our salary sacrifice scheme.


Dell XPS Tower

Save money on the best PC of 2020 via monthly salary sacrifice.

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How Much Can I Save?

Check out how much you could save when purchasing a new Dell Desktop PC through our salary sacrifice scheme. Enter the product value, and your annual salary.

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