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Blog > September 2018 > Smart lighting products to brighten up your life
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We look at some of the best smart lighting available to help you use your energy more efficiently.

Smart lighting means programmable lights, that you can control from a handheld device. They're great for saving on power, as well as setting the right mood for your home. Here at Techscheme, we've decided to run down a few of the best and brightest smart lighting products to light up your home life. Buying from our partners at Currys, through Techscheme, means you could save up to 12% on the listed price on products (even in the sales) as well as allowing you to spread the cost over up to three years.

PHILIPS Hue White & Colour Ambiance E27 Smart Bulb Starter Kit

The Phillips Hue starter kit is a great place to dive in if you’re looking to get a comprehensive lighting setup sorted straight away. It comes with three bulbs, the Hue bridge and a dimmer switch so that you’re ready to go straight away.

There are 16 million colours to choose from all built into the bulbs so that you can create the perfect mood for any room. Those settings can then be saved and recalled with just a tap of a finger, or set a schedule so you never have to come home to a dark house. Lights can be synced to music and movies for a more immersive experience and you can connect up to 50 lights to the bridge so that you can completely control your home lighting through the Hue app.

LIFX + Smart RGB IR Light Bulb

The LIFX free app will let you control this bulb wirelessly using just your smartphone and tablet. You can also link it up to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to control with your voice. Adding more bulbs, you could easily control the lighting of your whole home through the app.

The bulb can also emit invisible infrared light to help improve and enhance the range and quality of any night vision home-security camera you own, helping to boost their clarity and effectiveness for added peace of mind.

NANOLEAF Ivy Smarter Lighting Kit

The Nanoleaf Ivy Smart Kit certainly looks cool. These smart lights can be controlled easily from Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you pair them with your Echo which means you can avoid those ‘I forgot to turn off the light’ moments when you’re already in bed.

The LED bulbs last up to 27 years and they’re easy to set up. All you need to get started is to plug in the hun, screw in the bulbs and download the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app to get going.

PHILIPS Hue Phoenix LED Smart Table Lamp

Lastly, we thought we'd pick something a little different. This Hue Phoenix LED smart table lamp from Phillips is perfect for setting up in your bed or living room. A range of tones of white light allows you to set natural moods for your home. Daylight setting for a more energised feel and warm tones for a more relaxed wind-down in the evening.

It can be customised and controlled with an easy wireless remote, or through your Phillips Hue app and it can be added to a Hue network for total control of your home lighting. 


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Those are just a few of the many smart lighting options available at our partners, Currys PC World. We can save you up to 12% on the whole range of smart products as well as loads of other tech gear like smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops and help you to spread the cost over up to three years. Find out more about Techscheme’s benefits.

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