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Blog > September 2018 > Get your Smart-Heating ready for winter
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We look at some of the best smart heating solutions for your home to use energy more efficiently.

Smart home technology will become second nature to most of us over the coming years. The ease and efficiency of operating your homes integral systems through your handheld device saves a lot of time, and money. That’s why we at Techscheme have taken a look at some of the best smart heating systems for your home. That’s not the only way to save money though, buying from our partners at Currys PC World through Techscheme will enable you to save up to 12% on the listed price of a huge range of products and we’ll help you to spread the cost over up to 3 years.

Nest Learning 3rd Generation

This smart thermostat connects wirelessly to your heating system meaning you can control it from the device, or your mobile. It’s a great starting point for a smart home. It’ll allow you to control and time every aspect of your home heating. You’ll be able to make sure the heating comes on before you get home from work, adjust the temperature from your armchair or turn it off once you leave the house. 

You can check up on your energy usage through the Nest heating app, which shows you a breakdown of daily energy use and provides a monthly Home Report. This way you can see how much you're using and if there are peak times where energy use is high it will suggest how you can use less, saving you money in the long run.

Hive Active Heating

Similar to the Nest, Hive Active Heating connects you and your heating system through an app on your device to give you direct control of the temperature of your home. You can schedule up to six heating events throughout the day so that you can wake up warm and toasty, turn it off while everyone's out and have it kick in before you get home.

Thanks to it’s geolocating features it can even send you reminders to turn the heating on when you’re getting close to home (or remind you to turn it off when it sense’s you’ve left. It has automatic frost protection, to keep your pipes healthy during those cold snaps and holiday mode puts your heating into sleep mode when you’re away for a while so that you’re looking after your bills as efficiently as possible.

TADO Smart Thermostat Starter Kit

This starter kit from Tado can use local weather forecasts, real-time, to control your heating for super-efficient temperature control. It can also use geofencing to automatically sense when you’re coming and going to turn the heating on and off. You can set 24-hour smart schedules to tailor your heating to the needs of your household and it works with smart home assistants for easier usability.

The Tado app will send you insightful reports on your temperature and heating activity to help you to better decide how your home needs heating. Tado says this could reduce your heating bill by up to 31%, roughly £200 annually for the average homeowner.

Honeywell Evo Home TRV heads

Lastly, if you’re looking to make a smaller step into the world of smart heating you can pick up a four pack of these thermostatic radiator valves from Honeywell. These radiator controls directly replace your current TRVs which means you won't have to drain the system before switching them over.

The heads themselves clearly display the temperature on the screens so you can easily spot them and adjust the heat in each room to suit.


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Nest 3rd Generation




Hive Active Heating




Tado Starter Kit




Honeywell TRV Heads




Those are some of the best smart heating solutions on the market today, but we’ll save you money on all the smart home products available from our partners at Currys PC World and Apple (as well as a huge range of other tech products). We’ll even save you money on sale items, so you could get a further 12% off already discounted products – and we’ll help you to spread the cost over up to 3 years. Bargain. Find out more about Techscheme’s benefits.

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