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Blog > October 2020 > How to use tech made from recycled materials
10/13/2020 7:47:46 AM | with 0 comments

Recycling is a good step towards being greener. Whether that’s making sure your packaging goes in the right bin or composting your food waste. In the UK our average recycling rate is 45%. Below half isn’t great – especially when you think about the 221 million tonnes of total waste we generate per year! 

But making that positive change towards a more sustainable future isn’t just about sorting our rubbish. It’s also about the choices we make when we buy something new. 

Currys PC World’s new Go Greener range focuses on lots of areas of improvement - how to save water, save energy and reduce household waste – and aims to get customers using tech that actually  helps you recycle. Now you can shop in store and online knowing that you’re making a more sustainable choice. 

Check out these other brands striving to make a difference. 


With the Spirit Sparkling Water Maker, this brand makes it easy to cut down on single-use plastic. Rather than buying sparkling water from the shops, you can make your own at home. Fancy. And environmentally friendly. 

You get a free 1 litre BPA-free PET carbonating bottle with your Sparkling Water Maker. Just fill it up with tap water, lock it into the machine, and in seconds you’ve got fresh bubbly water. Plus, you can add flavouring too – a potential replacement for some well-known fizzy drink brands? 

Each carbonating bottle lasts three years. Think about how many plastic bottles you’d usually buy in that time…. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? 


It’s no surprise that Google have made a commitment to green tech. Everything in the Nest family, including the latest Google Nest Mini, is made from 100% recycled materials. 

Google Nest

Who’d have thought that plastic bottles could be transformed into tech that can help to make our everyday lives a little bit simpler. Organise your day, listen to music, control your smart home AND save the planet – it’s all just a command away. 


Dell have gone above and beyond to make their new laptops eco-friendly, including all of the packaging! Their black packaging trays are made from 100% recycled materials, with 25% of that coming from coastal areas to clean up our oceans. 

If you want a green laptop, there’s no better choice than the Dell XPS 13 9300 13.4" Laptop. It’s got a super speedy 10th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor; a 4K Ultra HD screen and a 9.5 hr battery life that’s also ENERGY STAR ® certified. 


But the best bit? 90% of the laptop’s parts are easily reused or recycled and it’s free of harmful materials like cadmium, lead and mercury. So when you’re finished with your laptop, you can be sure it won’t be taking a toll on the planet.   

Currys PC World 

Did you know that Currys PC World is the biggest recycler of waste electricals in UK Retail? That’s 65,000 tons every year! To show how serious they are about sustainability, they only sell items that can be recycled. 

They also want to help customers to do their bit - so it’s free to recycle your old tech instore, or they can take it away from your home for a small fee. 


Make sure the next tech product you buy is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Be a little kinder to your wallet at the same time, by requesting a Techscheme Redemption Code and benefiting from interest-free payments and a saving off the RRP. 

Request a Techscheme Redemption Code


Article was originally published by our partners at Currys PC World.   

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