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Blog > October 2017 > Best Fitness Trackers: Stay on Track
10/31/2017 9:43:10 AM | with 0 comments

There are a bunch of fitness trackers available today, so we at Techscheme thought we’d help you out by sifting through them and showing off some of the very best. We’ve chosen to go for dedicated fitness trackers in this article, so you won’t hear about some of the amazing Smart Watches out there like the new Apple Watch Series 3, but we promise we’ll get to them soon. Techscheme saves you up to 12% on the price of tech from our partners at Apple and Currys PC World – we also help you spread the cost over up to 3 years.


Fitbit Blaze

Any list of fitness trackers is going to include a couple of Fitbits. The first on our list is the Blaze which just about qualifies because we think it’s more of a fitness watch than a SmartWatch. Its LCD touchscreen is a boon though, as it lets you see your information as you go, without having to pull out a mobile.  

There’s access to all kinds of stats like time, distance, elevation and pace whether you’re on foot or on a bike and PulsePulse technology gives you real-time, accurate data on your heart rate. Deeper stats can be viewed from the Fitbit app to track your broader fitness goals and it’ll even help you monitor your sleep patterns.


Fitbit Charge 2

The second of our Fitbits is the smaller Charge 2.  It’s got the same tracking, excellent GPS and PulsePulse technology that you’d find in the Blaze and there’s also multi-sport tracking. So that whether you’re in for a spot of yoga, doing weight training or out for a run it can track and adjust its feedback accordingly.

Again, there’s access to the Fitbit app that gives you all that deep data about your workouts, and there’s a guided breathing feature to help you cool down after a workout.


Garmin Vivosmart 3 HR

Garmin is another big name in the world of fitness tracking and it’s for good reason; the Vivosmart 3 HR’s IQ technology tracks absolutely everything as you go about your normal routine. Steps taken, floors climbed, heart rate and calories burned are all tracked while the device can detect whether your walking, swimming, cycling or even on the elliptical. It’ll even track your sleep, so you end up with a complete picture of your days.

Track your progress online and set personal goals based on your performance and aspirations – the Vivosmart will even send you motivational nudges when it’s time to get going.


Nokia Go

We thought we’d go for something a bit different for our final entry, a more basic, no-frills kind of tracker. The Nokia Go doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the previous entries on this list but it’s inexpensive and what it does do, it does well.

It’s designed to track your daily life, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled – that kind of thing. It’ll monitor your sleep and it’s water-resistant so can track your swimming. It works whether you’re wearing it or it’s just in your pocket and the battery lasts so long you’ll forget it even needs one (8 months!).



Picking out a fitness tracker can be hard work, but hopefully, what we’ve shown you here will give you some indication as to the kind of tracker you need. Whether it’s something more watch like and fashionable, or something basic and functional. Techscheme is an employee benefits scheme where your boss can sign up, to provide you with the opportunity to save money on your tech. If they haven’t signed up already, tell your employer about us.
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