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Blog > October 2017 > Apple TV 4K: Blistering Quality
10/31/2017 8:34:16 AM | with 0 comments

Apple TV 4K: Blistering Quality

We are living in a golden age for television. Not just the incredible near-life picture quality offered up by the best sets, boxes and streaming services but also in terms of the content itself. The internet’s adoption of everyone’s favourite medium means we’re seeing high-quality, new content released on an unprecedented level. That’s where the Apple TV 4K comes in, a streaming box designed to get you to that content and present it in the best way possible. At Techscheme we thought we’d get you up to speed on the latest Apple TV, while we remind you that with Techscheme we can save you up to 12% on the device.


Apple TV 4K: User Interface

One of the most important aspects of any streaming box is usability. Sure content and picture quality are nice, but if it’s a pain to access you’ll find another way. Luckily, Apple knows this.

Moving around in Apple TV is easy, the screens and menus are laid out intuitively and we don’t think you’ll ever find yourself getting lost in one of those ‘how do I get back to Netflix?’ moments that can affect you on similar devices. It’s also designed to be fully interactive with your Apple powered home. Able to connect up with HomeKit devices, iPhones and iPads with ease.

Mirroring to and controlling your tv from a mobile device is super easy, thanks to Apple’s new TV app. Mirroring is instant, making it now easier than it’s ever been to use your TV to share content with the household. The Apple TV with all its connectivity feels like a genuine entertainment hub.


Apple TV 4K: Performance

Obviously, you’ll want to have a good 4K TV to get the most out of the Apple 4K. But it will enhance the experience on older sets. Upscaling and colour reproduction is exceptional and should give even non-4k content a real boost, and .the Apple TV’s ability to instantly detect your display and adjust the output will mean you won’t have to spend ages tweaking the settings. 

Back to the interface for a second to explain that even finding 4k content is easy with the box. iTunes movies now have a dedicated room for 4k HD content, and any movies you’ve already bought will automatically upgrade to 4K HDR when they become available, Siri can search Netflix directly for 4K movies and TV and the box will also pull in content from any of you catch-up and internet services you’re signed up to. It doesn’t have Amazon Prime, but then Amazon doesn't have iTunes and there’s plenty of content to choose from with everything else on offer.

Apple TV 4K: Other Media

Beyond its high-performance stats and usability, the Apple TV 4K also boasts a range of other features. The remote can be used as a controller when you access the exclusive games available for the TV. They look, sound and play well and the prospect of that library filling up is joyous.


You can access music through the device as well as a range of fitness apps and as we’ve already mentioned, you can use the box as a hub to control your HomeKit tech so you can dim the lights with a word to Siri before settling in for a movie.


Apple TV 4K is for anyone who wants an all-encompassing TV streaming box that can function as a home entertainment hub. There are instant bonuses for those with supreme quality TV already, but it will also serve as a future-proofed investment for those not ready or able to splash out on the latest TVs. At Techscheme we’ll save you up to 12%, through your National Insurance contributions, on any and all tech through our partnerships with Apple and Currys PC World. If your employer hasn’t already signed up to the benefits scheme, talk to them about us today.
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