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Blog > November 2018 > The iPhone XR is Apple's New More Affordable Premium iPhone
11/26/2018 12:22:51 PM | with 0 comments
Part of owning the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is all about getting the very best the smartphone industry has to offer right now. Thankfully, Apple understands that not everybody wants to splash out £1,000 on a new smartphone. This is where the iPhone XR comes in. It’s still a premium device that sits at the high end, but some small sacrifices have been made to lower the price point to a more reasonable level.
If you are considering the iPhone XR, take a read through the information we’ve provided in this article. We’ll be explaining how it differs from the iPhone XS and we’ll also be showing you how you can save up to 12% on a brand new iPhone through TechScheme.

What Makes the iPhone XR Different?

The first noticeable difference about the iPhone XR is the display size. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR actually has a larger display size at 6.1 inches, just slightly larger than the iPhone XS' 5.8 inch display. We assume that Apple has done this to make the iPhone XR feel like a worthwhile option people can truly consider.
The display quality isn't quite as spectacular as the iPhone XS, however. Swapping the OLED out for a LCD one means that the contrast and colours aren't as spot on and you'll also be getting a lower resolution. (1792 x 828). The LCD display is thicker and heavier too, which means the iPhone XR feels slightly different.
Some other small changes have been made across the design - the iPhone XS is built from stainless steel, whilst the XR uses 7000 Series aluminium, which is what previous iPhones used. The iPhone XR only has IP67 water and dust protection as opposed to IP68.
You’ll notice that these changes are very minute in the grand scheme of things. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll certainly be happy with slight downgrades to these design elements. After all of these slight tweaks, the iPhone XR still feels decidedly like a premium smartphone.

iPhone XR Hardware vs iPhone XS

For most people, the more important discussion is about the differences between the hardware. Fortunately, the iPhone XR still uses the same A12 Bionic chip that the iPhone XS does. That means you’ll be getting blazing fast performance on all of Apple’s new smartphones.
iPhone XR

The iPhone XS and XS Max have 4GB RAM, whilst the iPhone XR has 3GB RAM. This means the multitasking experience may be slightly better on the iPhone XS range. More apps will be ‘remembered’ in the background for longer. When you consider that many high end Android smartphones have 4GB of RAM, and Android has always been significantly more of a memory hog, you still really can’t complain about 3GB on iOS 12.
One big change that is the real fork in the road for many iPhone users is the camera. You'll notice that the iPhone XR has one lens whilst the iPhone XS and XS Max have two lenses. Thankfully, a closer look reveals some promising news. Instead of downgrading the whole camera setup completely, Apple kept the same primary lens on the iPhone XR and just removed the secondary lens.
This means that the iPhone XR shares the same 12 megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization, an f/1.8 aperture, and flash.  The iPhone XR does miss out on the 2x telephoto zoom lens that the iPhone XS has, but that is it. For the front facing camera, it's the same story - all new iPhone models have a TrueDepth 7 megapixel snapper.
One final note we have about the iPhone XR is the battery. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR sees some improvements over the iPhone XS here. Because the iPhone XR is bigger, Apple are able to fit a larger capacity battery. The iPhone XR gets a 2,942 mAh battery, whilst the XS gets a 2,658 mAh battery.
Because the iPhone XR has a lower resolution display, the overall result is that the iPhone XR has longer battery life. You can expect up to 14 hours video playback on the XS, 15 hours on the XS Max, and 16 hours on the XR.

Summary and iPhone XR TechScheme Price Comparison

We are big fans of the approach Apple took with the iPhone XR. Instead of severely limiting the experience, Apple created a product that is more affordable by taking away less important elements like the telephoto lens and stainless steel body to reduce costs.
What’s great is that you can save even more on the cost of a new iPhone XR by purchasing through Techscheme. You can learn more about how it works here.
Below is a table showcasing the amount you can save for each iPhone XR model.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPhone XR 64GB £749 £89.88 £659.12
iPhone XR 128GB £799 £95.88 £703.12
iPhone XR 256GB £899 £107.88 £791.12
Thanks for reading our overview on the iPhone XR. What are your thoughts on Apple’s more affordable premium iPhone?
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