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Blog > November 2018 > The Best Tech Gifts for Christmas 2018
11/28/2018 2:37:54 PM | with 0 comments
Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s the gifting season. But what gifts can you get to truly make a lasting memory this year? In our experience, the best Christmas gifts have always been something that has been practical.
So, besides extra pairs of socks, why not consider picking up some new tech for others or even just for yourself this holiday season? Let’s take a look at some of the best tech gifts available for Christmas this year.
We’ve also specifically picked out gifts that can be available through Techscheme, which means you are able to save up to 12% on the retail price. We’ll explain more about how that works and how TechScheme can be a great way to save on tech during the holiday period at the end of this article.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones have become a necessary part of many people’s lives, so they make for a perfect Christmas gift, especially if you are buying it for somebody that cannot yet afford their own smartphone.
The best smartphones such as the iPhone XS or the Huawei Mate 20 are quite expensive, so being able to take advantage of Techscheme to save up to 12% on the overall cost can be a life saver. And if you’re considering purchasing a cheaper handset, don’t forget that participating budget handsets can also still be valid for a discount.
Huawei Mate 20

If you want to buy somebody a tech gift but they already have a smartphone, you could also consider purchasing a tablet instead. A tablet shares almost all of the same functionality of a smartphone, but with a larger display, perfect for viewing video content or playing games. A high-end tablet like the new iPad Pro could also back up as a device useful for work or school.


Laptops have a bit more firepower when it comes to functionality. Whilst a smartphone or tablet can be great for communicating with friends and family, browsing the web, and viewing multimedia, a laptop just cannot be beaten for getting office or school work complete. The great thing about purchasing a laptop as a Christmas gift is that there are laptops suitable for all price points.
MacBook Air or Surface Laptop
You can get super powerful options like the MacBook Air or Surface Laptop 2 for around £1,000, simple notebooks like an 11 inch Chromebook for less than £200, and plenty of options in between.

Smart Home Equipment

If you know a gift recipient is particularly tech savvy, the smart home equipment category could be a great place to look for gift ideas. Make sure your gift recipient is already on board with joining the Smart Home hype train before purchasing anything first, though.
After that, a good starting point would be a smart home assistant from the likes of Apple, Google, or Amazon. If you know your friend or family member already has smart home assistants set up in their home, you could take it a step further with smart lighting - a good starting point would be the popular Phillips Hue range.
Phillips Hue
Alternatively, you could opt for something a little different like smart home plugs or other fully fledged smart hubs like the Google Home Hub or the Amazon Echo Show.

Desktop PCs

If the home you are visiting for Christmas seems to have a constant territorial dispute over who gets to use the family iPad, why not consider easing things out by purchasing a desktop PC? Unlike laptops and tablets, desktop PCs need a static location to sit in, which means they can take up more room in the house, so make sure to check before purchasing such a gift.
If you get the go ahead, the good news is that an all-round PC that can be used for watching videos, browsing the internet, or checking emails can be quite cheap. In fact, you can quite easily get a desktop and monitor, or an all-in-one PC for less than £500, and that’s before any savings with Techscheme.
You can go the extra mile if you’ve got a gamer in the house. A good gaming PC can be costly, but it’s something that will be appreciated greatly. Whilst a typical gaming PC can set you back around £1,000 to £1,500, the good news is that buying through Techscheme could help you to save up to 12% on the overall cost.

Smart Health Gear

One great thing about Christmas is that it’s just a few weeks before the start of a new year. It’s around this time of year where people will seriously start to think about their plans and new year resolutions. If there is anybody you know that has shown an interest in keeping fit for the new year, you can give them an extra push of encouragement by purchasing them some smart health tech for Christmas.
The industry for fitness watches has never been so massive, which means a good smart watch like the FITBIT Charge 3 or the GARMIN vivosmart 4 will only set you back around £100 after Techscheme's savings.
Fitbit smart watch
If you know somebody is trying to lose weight, a fancy new smart scale could help them keep track of their progress and sway them towards sticking to their new years promises, too.

Why Christmas Is Easier With Techscheme

Giving the gift of tech for Christmas can be very exciting - you’re giving those you love functional equipment that can potentially add value to their everyday life for years to come.
Buying new tech for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Techscheme has partnered with Apple and Currys to offer up to 12% off on all new tech. You can find out exactly how it all works here.
What tech will you be buying this Christmas?
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