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Blog > November 2018 > Review: Experience The New Apple iPad Pro
11/26/2018 12:38:14 PM | with 0 comments
We will offer an insight on what’s different on the iPad Pro in comparison to the last generation model and we’ll also give you an overview of the price you can save when purchasing the new Apple tablet through Techscheme.

The new Apple iPad Pro Is the most powerful yet

One thing that Apple made clear during their keynote was that we have never seen an iPad Pro this powerful before.
Apple's strategy for the new iPad Pro was to make it powerful enough to be able to handle any task you throw at it. Whether it's playing intense 3D mobile games, watching videos, using productivity apps, or even using video and photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop CC, the iPad Pro has the power to do it all. More importantly, you can now switch between many of these apps seamlessly.
The iPad Pro 2018 is powered by the A12X Bionic chip. Apple used all sorts of complex tech terms to explain the performance of this new chip, but they also put it in simple terms - "It's faster than most PC laptops".
Obviously, the Apple iPad Pro is still running iOS, so there are some limitations on the software front. Thankfully, the new MacBook Pro offers an excellent option for those in need of something with even more functionality.

The new Apple iPad Pro Display

The new Apple iPad Pro features a brand new liquid retina edge to edge display. To put it simply, it's more beautiful, more colorful, and has a higher resolution than ever before. There's both an 11 inch model and a 12.9 inch model. Both feature a 264 ppi display, so the resolution is ever so slightly different on each. (2388x1668 on the 11 inch and 2732x2048 on the 12.9 inch).
Apple iPad Pro

One of my favorite features on the iPad Pro is the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate. The typical smartphone, tablet, and PC display is just 60Hz. Going from 60Hz to 120Hz is an experience you cannot truly explain with words. It's so much more fluid - everything from switching between apps to watching media feels faster because the display is refreshing twice as fast. It’s a feature that I hope many more manufacturers will follow suit with in the near future.
Finally, the color accuracy is something that Apple are very proud of on the iPad Pro. I think it’s an important aspect that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. If you work with graphic design in any capacity or care for the best movie viewing experience, the lifelike color accuracy on the iPad Pro is truly worth seeing for yourself.

Other new changes to the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is Apple’s most premium iPad range so only adding a better display and a better chip just doesn’t cut it. But Apple knows that just as well as we do, so they’ve bundled in many of the top new features we get to see on the new iPhone XS range, as well as some more changes unique to the iPad.
First, Face ID is included on the iPad Pro. This is the first time we’ve seen the security feature added to an Apple tablet. It works as smoothly as it does on the new iPhone XS and XS Plus.
The Apple Pencil accessory has been redesigned and features some nifty new tricks. You can double tap the pencil itself to perform tasks in apps. For example, in Photoshop you can switch between different tools. It'll be up to developers to add different support to the new functionality found in the Apple Pencil.
iPad Pro Screen Size
When you want to charge the Apple Pencil, you can simply attach it magnetically to the top of your iPad and it’ll be juiced up from the iPad’s battery.
We’ve also got improvements to the camera, so you can now shoot 4K video and get better picture quality than before. It’s obviously not perfect, but a camera is never the focus on a tablet. We’re still wondering why anybody would choose to use an iPad camera over a far superior iPhone or other high end smartphone camera, but in a pinch the iPad Pro camera does better than any iPad has ever done before.
Finally, the iPad Pro has moved to USB-C. If you’ve been stuck in the Apple ecosystem for a long time, this will be a difficult change to get used to, but it’s worthwhile considering it is becoming the universal standard.

Comparing iPad models and prices

Below, we have shared a table that includes the prices for all of the new iPad Pro models and also how much you can potentially save when buying the iPad Pro through Techscheme.
The cellular + WiFi model adds an additional £150 to the final cost of these options.
Model RRP Savings Techsheme Price
iPad Pro 11" 64GB £769 £92.28 £675.72
iPad Pro 11" 256GB £919 £110.28 £808.72
iPad Pro 11" 512GB £1,119 £134.28 £984.72
iPad Pro 11" 1TB £1,519 £182.28 £1336.72
iPad Pro 12.9" 64GB £969 £116.28 £852.72
iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB £1,119 £134.28 £984.72
iPad Pro 12.9" 512GB £1,319 £158.28 £1160.72
iPad Pro 12.9" 1TB £1,719 £206.28 £206.28
What are your thoughts on the new iPad Pro? Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Make sure you learn how to save up to 12% on a brand new iPad Pro 2018 directly from Apple here.
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