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Blog > November 2017 > Smart Health: Tech to Top You Up
11/13/2017 1:32:59 PM | with 0 comments
We’re sure we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of being physically and mentally healthy; to get the most out of work and play it’s important to keep on top things. That’s why we at Techscheme have put together a little list of products available through us and our partners at Currys PC World to keep you on top of your game. With Techscheme we can save you up to 12% on the tech you want and let you spread out the cost, even if you’re buying in the sales

Beurer SE 80 Sleep Expert

If there’s one thing we all need it’s a good night’s rest. The Beurer Sleep Expert is a sleep monitor that slides discreetly under your covers where it’ll gather data on your quality of rest. Tracking Sleep quality, restfulness, heart rate and respiratory rate the Sleep Expert will send that data to its companion app for you to check and analyse.

Knowing what’s going on with your sleep pattern, and getting clues on how to improve can make a huge difference to your general wellbeing. Not least, knowing the right time in your sleep cycle to wake up, so that you don’t spend the first half of the morning groggy and disorientated.

Beurer WL 80 Wake Up Light

While we’re on the subject, Beurer’s Wake Up light is specifically designed to give you the best start to the day. Issues with sleep, and waking up are some of the biggest contributors to poor mental health; the Wake Up Light eases you into the day with gradually increasing brightness and custom alarm to make sure that you’re up and ready to face the day.

You can set the alarm to one of the Wake Up Light’s built-in melodies, the radio or your own custom playlist. It also has a number of colour variations for the light, which beyond being able to perfectly customise your wake up routine, allow you to change up the ambience in your room for any occasion.

Fitbit Aria Smart Bathroom Scale

Of course, once you’re out of bed it’d be handy to have some way of tracking your physical progress. The Fitbit Aria bathroom scale is the perfect way to do that; compatible with a range of fitness tracking apps the scales will provide you with information on your weight, BMI and body fat so that you know where you stand.

You can set long-term goals and track your progress over time using the Fitbit dashboard’s graphs. You’ll also earn motivational ‘Achievements’ and can create up to 8 different accounts so that your whole household can feed their fitness bug.

Beurer TL 100 Brightlight

Given that winter is coming we thought we’d end by talking about the Brightlight. It’s a medically certified lamp designed to simulate natural daylight in order combat the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In cold, damp, Britain we’re sure you’ll get more use out of it than just in the winter time and studies have shown that lamps like these are effective in the fight against mental health issues.

The beauty of it is that you can use it just like a normal lamp, safe in the knowledge your body is getting the right kind of light to keep you healthy. It also has a range of setting that you can control through an app to set colours and tune the lamp for different moods like vibrancy and relaxation.


Maintaining positive levels of physical and mental health can sometimes feel like a fulltime job, but Smart Health tech like we’ve talked about here makes things much less difficult. Techscheme lets you save money on products like these and more with our employee benefits scheme. Talk to your employer about us today.

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