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Blog > November 2017 > Apple Watch Series 3: A New Standard
11/13/2017 1:23:10 PM | with 0 comments
The Apple Watch became an instant icon. In a world of specialist fitness devices and mistrust of electronic timepieces, somehow the Apple Watch stood out from the crowd and like with most things Apple, set new standards for the competition. That’s why we at Techscheme just have to tell you about its latest iteration, the Series 3. Techscheme lets you save up to 12% on the retail price of your tech.

Apple Watch Series 3: Design

Apple broke the mould when it created the first Apple Watch and since then we’ve not seen any huge updates to the external design. This is true of the Series 3, and it’s a good thing. With a mobile or tablet, a drastic redesign can often be a good thing, but for wearable tech comfort and ease of use is paramount. Why change what isn’t broken?

That’s not to say there’s no brilliance in the Series 3 design though, it’s just not apparent at a glance. The new watch has cellular connectivity, meaning you can actually take a call from it; Apple achieved this by incorporating the mobile antenna into the screen.
The display is crisp and bright, perhaps the best on the smartwatch scene; you can activate it by a simple flick of the wrist. There’s also a new red dot on the digital crown, which is only aesthetic but it’ll let others know you’ve got the latest Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3: Hardware and OS
Apple Watch 3

We’ve mentioned the new cellular connectivity; you’ll still need to have an iPhone but this will keep you connected if you leave it in the house. Meaning that you’ll still be connected if you decide to use the Apple Watches incredible fitness tracking capabilities and go out for a run.

The new Taptic Engine feels intuitive and has distinct vibrations for its notifications, so you’ll be able to tell the difference between reaching an exercise milestone and getting a message. The Torch feature turns the screen a bright white, which comes in surprisingly handy whether you’re just getting up to go to the loo or find yourself off the beaten path on an evening jog.

Then there’s watchOS 4 which brings together nicely. The Apple Watch is now a bit quicker to load your apps; the Dock feature now brings up an app list to choose from and Siri can talk, which means you can actually get meaningful audio feedback when making requests, great for doing stuff in the car without distraction.

Apple Watch Series 3: Fitness tracking
Apple watch HealthLastly, we’ll talk about the Series 3’s fitness credentials. We’ve already mentioned the added functionality of being able to take calls, smart Taptic notifications, a new Torch and Siri’s ability to talk which all add up to a more robust experience – but it’s not the only thing Apple has in store for fitness buffs.

They’ve improved the heart rate monitor, meaning that you don’t just get your BPM (beats per minute) but also your pulse while walking, daily resting heart rate and workout ranges to give you a full chart of your improvements. There’s a new ‘daily inspiration’ upgrade, giving you a summary of your previous day's achievements, tracking your progress throughout the day and giving you motivational nudges at appropriate times. This all helps you to reach your fitness goals.

The Workouts app has been improved once again, and the GPS tracking introduced is in the previous Apple Watch is as good as anything on the market today. There’s Swim Tracking and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) tracking too with more accurate calorie burning data.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the best smartwatch out today. Every upgrade on its predecessor feels important and useful and that was a serious piece of kit, to begin with, for those wanting a stylish bit of wrist-candy or a serious fitness tracker it’s ideal. By picking it up through Techscheme you’ll save up to 12% on the price you pay through your National Insurance contributions. Ask your employer if they’re signed up today.
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