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Blog > May 2018 > Smart Home: Security, Baby Monitors and Video Doorbells
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The smart home is the next big thing, a connected ecosystem that allows you to control your household from wherever you are. We’ve spoken about a lot of cool smart home gadgets at Techscheme but we thought we'd revisit the topic to take a look at some of the coolest audio/video smart tech for security, safety and monitoring your gadget filled homestead. The products here are all available from our partners at Currys PC World, while buying through Techscheme allows you to save up to 12% off the listed price and spread the cost over up to three years.

Arlo VMS4130-100EUS Pro Wireless HD Security Camera with Base Station

If you’re getting down to making your home a smart home, chances are there’s already a fair amount of kit inside you want to keep safe. This is where the Arlo Pro security camera with base station comes in.

Wireless, weatherproof and with long-lasting batteries you can make sure that your security camera is in prime position without having to worry about the electrics. The Arlo app lets you tune in to your security camera in real time in bright HD quality; you listen in to what’s happening and even talk back – all through your smartphone or tablet. It also comes with 7 days' worth of online storage for free, meaning you won't have to worry about the footage being written over if you've been away for a few days.

Motorola MBP855 Connect Portable Baby Monitor

From the outside to the inside, The Motorola Portable Baby Monitor is all about making sure your little ones are ok. It’s portable and rechargeable so you can move it around your home and never have to worry about it running out of power at a crucial time.


It’s chock full of features to make sure you get the best view of your baby. Remote pan, tilt and zoom functions make for great shots while the included StarGrip mean you can attach the camera to a range of household items such as lamps and curtain rails.

You can access the feed through your phone using the Hubble app or with the large 5" colour display with infrared night vision which offers you another way to monitor your child, day or night. The two-way communications let you soothe your baby from wherever you are. The app will even monitor things like room temperature send you notifications with any changes.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Who’s at the door? Keep track of what's happening around your property at all times with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Customisable motion sensors and two-way audio coupled with a Full HD 1080p with infrared and 180-degree field of view give you all the tools you need to see who's ringing the doorbell – from wherever you are.

The Ring Chime pairs wirelessly with the Doorbell, so you'll get both a smartphone notification and an audible alert. You can even turn on a do not disturb function o the chime if you've just put the baby to sleep, for example. There are even features that let you monitor and speak to those at your door through your phone, meaning you can tell that delivery guy exactly where to leave your parcel.

Model Listed Price Savings Techscheme Price
Arlo Pro £299.99 £36.00 £263.99
Motorola Connect £229.99 £27.60 £202.39
Ring Video Doorbell £229.00 £27.48 £201.52


These are just some of the totally cool smart home products available to keep your home, and your loved ones secure. There's a whole range of brilliant smart home tech available from our partners at Currys PC World and Apple, all available with Techscheme’s fantastic employee benefits.

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