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Blog > March 2019 > Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini
3/27/2019 3:45:44 PM | with 0 comments
Apple has just announced new iterations of their popular iPad Air and iPad Mini lineups and we’re incredibly excited. It has been four years since the last iPad Mini and five years since the last iPad Air. Here’s what has changed this year in both of these new devices and also how much each costs. Read until the end to find out how you can save up to 12% on both of these new devices, too.

The new iPad Mini 2019 - What’s new?

I get it, there's less attention on small form factor tablets these days because the competition comes from fully fledged smartphones. The 7.9 inch display on the iPad Mini still makes it a worthwhile purchase against a 6.5 inch smartphone, though. It’s not just about the form factor, either, the iPad Mini 2019 comes with all of the iOS iPad features you’d expect to see exclusive on a larger scale device. This means multitasking apps and support for the Apple Pencil, too.
Because the display isn’t as spacious as the larger tablets, it’s easy to assume the functionality of the multi tasking mode isn’t so great, but it works surprisingly well. Everything else on the iPad Mini 2019 also lines up with other iPads and iPhones thanks to iOS 12.1.3 out of the box. On the inside, you get the new A12 processor, 2GB RAM, and an 8 megapixel camera.
You can also get 64GB or 256GB of storage, depending on your preferences. The display isn't going to compete with the iPhone XS by any means, but it's certainly not bad at a resolution of 1536x2048.
What sells it for me, though, is the price. The iPad Mini starts from £399. When you consider you get the same A12 processor and operating system as the iPhone XS, this is a huge deal. You can up the price if you want more storage and 4G, of course, but it still beats out the price tag of all of the latest iPhones. If you aren’t so interested in a good camera or super high quality display, the iPad Mini is well worth considering. You also get Touch ID baked into the front because the iPad has a more traditional Apple design. Check the pricing table at the end of the article to find out how much you can get a new iPad Mini 2019 for.

How does the 2019 iPad Air compare?

Up next, we have the new iPad Air 2019. Now, this isn't by any means a competitor to Apple's most recent large sized tablet, the iPad Pro. However, it's a nice upgrade from the old iPad Air from 2014 and it creates a stepping stone in price between the Pro and the Mini. The iPad Air starts at a magnificent £479, which makes it a very affordable Apple product.
Like the previous Apple Air, the specifications put it in line with a slightly lower tier Apple product. You still get the latest and greatest Apple A12 Bionic chip, but you're limited to 2GB RAM. Thankfully, Apple's iOS 12.1.3 operating system is as smooth as butter, so it's rarely an issue. The 10.5 inch display has a 1668x2224 retina resolution, but it's an LCD display, so it's not as pretty as the iPad Pro by any means. You also get the same Touch ID and camera as the iPad Mini.
There are some sacrifices to reach such a low price point here, but the display is still 10.5 inches in size and you still get the full iOS experience. Like the new Mini, the Apple iPad Air 2019 also supports the Apple Pencil, and you can get 64GB and 256GB variants, both in 4G or WiFi models.

Summary and Pricing

Ultimately, both the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2019 are fresh remakes at the entry point of the Apple ecosystem. They offer you an entry into the iOS world at an incredible price point. Take a look at how much each model costs below.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
iPad Air 2019 64GB £479 £57.78 £421.52
iPad Air 2019 256GB £629 £75.48 £553.52
iPad Air 2019 64GB (4G) £599 £71.88 £527.12
iPad Air 2019 256GB (4G) £749 £89.88 £659.12
iPad Mini 2019 64GB £399 £47.88 £351.12
iPad Mini 2019 256GB £549 £65.88 £483.12
iPad Mini 2019 64GB (4G) £519 £62.28 £456.72
iPad Mini 2019 256GB (4G) £669 £80.28 £588.72
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