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Blog > June 2019 > Mac Pro 2019 vs iMac Pro - Everything You Need To Know
6/27/2019 1:51:59 PM | with 0 comments
This year, Apple announced the followup to their Mac Pro lineup. It’s a complete upgrade to everything that came before it. We wanted to take a closer look at the upcoming 2019 Mac Pro and compare it to Apple’s current all-in-one, the iMac Pro.
We will explain how both Macs differ and whether it’s worth buying the new Mac Pro 2019 in September or if it’s best to invest in the currently available iMac Pro right now.
No matter which model you are interested in, you can look forward to saving up to 12% on any new Apple tech through Techscheme. More on that at the end.

Mac Pro 2019 versus iMac Pro

So the first immediate thing to notice is that the Mac Pro 2019 uses vastly superior hardware, nearly in every way. Like all new tech, it can end up setting you up more than the previous generation. So, the Mac Pro 2019’s starting price should be around £4,899. The US pricing was unveiled as starting at $4,999.
In comparison, the iMac Pro starts at £4,899, so the starting price is the same. The difference here is that you get an all in one machine with the iMac Pro. The XDR Display for the new Mac Pro costs $4,999, with expected prices in the UK to be just shy of the £5,000 mark.
Of course, you could buy any cheaper display for the Mac Pro, but you’re missing out on that incredible Apple experience. That’s why the iMac Pro comes out on top as a more affordable choice because you get a great display built-in. Let’s compare specifications of the two displays.
The iMac Pro comes equipped with a super impressive 27 inch 5K 5120x2880 P3 display. Meanwhile, the XDR display has a 32 inch 6K resolution. Apple is also claiming it has the best brightness, best colour accuracy, and best contrast ratio yet, and by judging their past experience with high definition displays, we have many reasons to believe them.
In terms of PC specifications, the Mac Pro has hardware that completely blows most modern desktops out of the water. Even at the starting option, you are given 32GB RAM, an Intel Xeon W 8-core 3.5GHz processor, a 256GB SSD, upgradeable to 4TB, and the Radeon Pro 580X GPU.
In comparison, the iMac Pro has a slightly lower clocked 3.2GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and a Radeon Pro Vega 56 in the entry model.
Don’t know what that means? Well, the iMac Pro is very powerful, allowing you to play games, run editing software, and render graphics efficiently. So, why would you want the Mac Pro 2019? If you want to render graphics or do heavy editing on a frequent basis, and want faster processing times, then the Mac Pro makes sense.
Ultimately, you could even upgrade the Mac Pro to feature an even more powerful GPU, over 1TB of RAM, and tons of storage. It’s clear here that the Mac Pro really is designed for the pros, being aimed towards those that absolutely need fast rendering of super intensive tasks. Really, for the everyday user or for those doing 2D graphics or light 3D rendering, the iMac Pro is sufficient enough. In fact, it’s not just sufficient, but it can deal with all tasks efficiently, the new Mac Pro just does those same tasks even faster.
We’ll be talking more about the Mac Pro 2019 in September when it launches, but for now, we still think the iMac Pro is a much more suitable choice for those not necessarily needing the equivalent to a Lambohgini’s horsepower in computer form.


Hopefully this article has shed some light on whether or not you should purchase the Mac Pro 2019 or the iMac Pro. If you’ve opted for the latter option, you can save up to 12% on the total price right now by purchasing it through Techscheme. Below is an overview of the potential pricing options.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
8 Core, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Vega 56 £4,899 £587.88 £4,311.12
10 Core, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Vega 64 £7,914 £949.68 £6,964.32
18 Core, 256GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Vega 64X £14,529 £1743.48 £12,785.52
If you haven’t heard of Techsheme before, you can read about how we work here.
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