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Blog > January 2019 > What PC Monitor Should You Get in 2019?
1/28/2019 10:03:47 AM | with 0 comments

A lot of thought goes into bolstering out your living room with the latest and greatest TV technology, but what about paying some thought to the best PC monitors? Many people spend just as much time in front of their PC as they do in front of their television, so the monitor is one piece of tech that shouldn’t get ignored.
Just like with TVs, there are some excellent PC monitors with superb colour quality and high resolutions, as well as other neat features more suited for PC usage.  Let’s take a look at the best available in 2019.
At the end of the article, we have a price table and some information on how you can save up to 12% on the overall price through Techscheme.


Samsung C24F396 - Best Curved LED Monitor

Samsung C24F396

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet colourful curved LED monitor, you can’t go wrong with the 24 inch Samsung C24F396, or if you want a bigger version, the 27 inch C27F396. Both models have the same specifications inside, so we can take a closer look at both of them below.
Firstly, both monitors have a noticeable curved display, which adds an immersive experience to movies and gaming. The slim form factor makes it easy to place on your desk or even mount on your wall, and the monitor itself is reasonably lightweight.
This particular monitor also has a dedicated gaming mode. During which, the colours and contrast are boosted. AMD FreeSync is also included for those that want a smoother frame rate. The refresh rate is only 60Hz, but it's a reasonable sacrifice when you consider the contrast and colours are incredible. The resolution is 1920x1080, but for many people with a less powerful setup, this is more than suitable.


Samsung S24F356 - Best Budget Monitor

Samsung S24F356

If you are after a PC monitor for less that doesn’t fault when it comes to colours and brightness, we’d suggest you consider the 24 inch Samsung S24F356. This monitor is easily one of the more affordable 1080p panels from Samsung, but it still has an impressive appearance.
The S24F356 isn’t a curved monitor, but it is still relatively slim. You also get the option to use the small desk stand or mount it to a wall. This particular model also has the same game mode and AMD FreeSync mentioned previously, which is incredible when you consider this is a budget model.


MSI Optix MAG241C - Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix MAG241C

If you are serious about PC gaming, you’ll know that frame rate is everything. What you might not know is that any frame rate above 60 isn’t at its full potential until you have a monitor with a higher refresh rate. The MSI Optix MAG241C has a refresh rate of 144Hz, which means the image you see on screen gets refreshed 144 times per second, as opposed to the typical 60Hz found on the typical display.
The features don't stop there, though - you get an insanely fast 1ms response time, both HDMI and DisplayPort input, and USB 2.0 so that you can charge your devices straight from the monitor. This is an LED display, too, so the colours and contrast is far better than many other 144Hz displays. This particular model also features AMD FreeSync.


Samsung LU28E590DS - Best Large 4K Ultra HD Monitor

Samsung LU28E590DS

If you care more about picture quality, the 28 inch Samsung LU28E590DS does it all. This monstrosity is larger than most other monitors, includes a 1ms response time, it has lifelike colours and contrast, and most importantly features a 3840 x 2160 4K resolution.
The brightness on the LU28E590DS is also great, and Samsung claims this monitor has 64 times more colours than standard monitors. You only get a 60Hz refresh rate, but with a 4K resolution, that isn’t the least bit surprising. Finally, this model does also feature FreeSync, so it can be excellent for gaming on top of movies, videos, and even just basic browsing.


Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN - Best High Performance Monitor

Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN
Want the absolute best Samsung has to offer? Consider the Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN. This 49 inch ultrawide beast essentially works as two displays in one, making multitasking an ease. Choose to split the monitor into separate displays, or use the monitor as one single super immersive display.
When separated, one display can boast 144Hz at 4K, whilst the others can still put out a 4K resolution on 60Hz. You also get AMD FreeSync on the 144Hz option.
If you need more than two displays, the Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN can go up to four at once via the display split feature. This allows you to have a multi-display experience that’s as seamless as possible. You can also use the picture in picture mode to output multiple signals at the same time. For example, one PC and one Xbox can be shown on the Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN at the same time.


Summary and Pricing

Did any of the PC monitors in this article take your fancy? You can find their prices and how much you can save through Techscheme below.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Samsung S24F396 £129 £15.48 £113.52
Samsung S27F396 £159 £19.08 £139.92
Samsung S24F356 £109 £13.08 £95.92
MSI Optix MAG241C £179 £21.48 £157.52
Samsung LU28E590DS £289 £34.68 £254.32
Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN £1,059 £127.08 £931.92
Don’t know how Techscheme works? Learn more about it here.
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