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Blog > January 2019 > Fitness Tech to help your New Year's health resolutions
1/16/2019 8:40:54 AM | with 0 comments
Have you made any New Year’s health resolutions? If you have, you might want to take a look at some of this fitness tech, which might just help you stay on track in 2019. All of these fitness gadgets will help you track your goals, stay motivated, and provide valuable information about your vitals.
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Best fitness trackers

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4 is a great place to start - it features some of the best fitness sensors in the industry. Apple Watch Series 4 will regularly monitor your heart throughout the day, so you can keep tabs on your heart's performance during workouts, or during everyday activities. The new Workout app on Apple Watch Series 4 is packed with more power than ever. You can now track yoga, hiking, cycling, running, and workouts in the gym. Apple Watch Series 4 even supports usage during swimming thanks to its water resistant design.
The stats you have available for tracking your goals and your health is undeniably impressive, and you get all of the iOS functionality baked in when pairing Apple Watch Series 4 to your iPhone.
There are a variety of dedicated fitness trackers on the market, so if you’re looking for something more affordable, a good place to start is Fitbit. They have a wide range of fitness related products, but it’s their trackers that stand out. There are two different fitness trackers we'd suggest, and the one you pick will depend on your own needs.
 Fitbit Charge 2
Firstly, we have the Fitbit Charge 2. This fitness tracker is excellent for anybody that takes part in any exercise or sport on top of running/walking. The Fitbit Charge 2 can track your heart rate to help you get the most out of your workouts, it has a breathing mode to help you have healthy, controlled breaths when exercising, and a cardio fitness feature. The Fitbit Charge 2 will also monitor your sleep, track your steps, and keep count of how many calories you have burned.
Fitbit Alta HR
Next we have the Fitbit Alta HR, which is essentially a slimmed down version of the Charge. The Alta HR also has tracking for calories, steps, and your heart rate. The only difference with the Alta HR is that it has a slimmer wristband style design and it’s slightly cheaper.
Goji Go HR
If you just want a cheap fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate, steps and calories, you can pick up the Goji Go HR, which is roughly half the price of the Fitbit trackers. The display and the interface isn't quite as good as what is found on the Fitbit trackers, but it's a reasonable sacrifice when you consider the price.
Garmin Vivosport
Finally, we have the Garmin Vivosport for those that want even more functionality. You can track your outside activities, learn how to optimize your workouts, and keep track of calories, steps, and more. The Garmin Vivosport also has a stress tracker that'll alert you when you're unusually stressed or there is a spike in your heart rate.

Best smart scales

Tracking your weight on a scale can be one of the best motivating factors for staying in shape. With a smart scale, things get even more exciting thanks to more advanced weight and body mass tracking tuned to your own body and personal goals. There are two smart scales we'd suggest currently; the Fitbit Aria 2 and the Garmin Index.
Fitbit Aria 2
With the Fitbit Aria 2, you get an app paired with the scales which will record all of your weight data to your phone through WiFi. You'll be able to open the included app at any time and view your weight progress. You can also register up to eight different users on the scales, and it won't get mixed up results when multiple people use the scale regularly. You can also get estimations on your body fat percentage, BMI, and lean mass when using the scales. If you get a Fitbit tracker, you'll be given access to even more stats and details on how your exercise is impacting your weight.
Garmin Index smart scale
If you need a scale for even more users, consider the Garmin Index smart scale, which allows up to 16 user profiles. Once again, this scale will connect up to your WiFi network and your data will be sent straight to the Garmin Connect fitness app. The Garmin Index scale also has support for body metrics like BMI, weight, and body fat percentage and all this data can be combined with data from the Garmin Vivosport. It’s slightly more expensive than the Fitbit Alta 2, but if you have a Garmin watch or need more than 8 profiles, it’s worth considering.

New Year’s 2019 fitness tech pricing

Interested in any of the tech mentioned in this article? You can find out the full price of these products and their reduced costs when purchasing through Techscheme below.
Model RRP Savings Techscheme Price
Apple Watch Series 4 £399 £47.87 £351.13
Apple Watch Series 4 cellular £499 £59.87 £439.13
Fitbit Charge 2 £149.99 £17.99 £132
Fitbit Alta HR £119.99 £14.39 £105.60
Goji Go HR £34.99 £4.19 £30.80
Garmin Vivosport £149.99 £17.99 £132
Fitbit Aria 2 £119.99 £14.39 £105.60
Garmin Index £139.99 £16.79 £123.20
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